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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rain, rain

Raining now;

Makes me want to go outside, stand in the rain and look up into the sky just so I can clear unwanted thoughts. Yes feeling rather confuse now over some things. I don’t even know anything anymore. Wish I could just sleep and wake up not having it there anymore the next day, but of course that would never happen. We have to face it no matter what.

Oh well, then again I always love the rain even if we could actually die getting hit by lightning standing under a tree when it is raining *lol*. The sound of rain is really calming when it is not pouring heavily. Right now it is light rain… this is the sounds that calms me down BUT that doesn’t mean you can throw me out in the rain when I am angered or emotional! I would get worse then if I was force out *lol*.

Just thought I would put this rainy thought here. I will blog again soon. See y’all soon!

Ferry Corsten ~ All I want

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