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- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Trip Downtown

This morning waking up at 9am, meaning to wake at 8am but too bad. Anyway;
Ate my breakfast which was a meat “pau”, took my shower and head off for my trip downtown; walking to the bus station (*lol* this is funny), it has been so long since I took a public transport I don’t even know what bus goes where anymore. Thank God for the sign and the non fear to ask I got on a Mini Bus 99 and head to KTM, Subang Jaya. Board the KTM, headed to KL Sentral switching to LRT there to KLCC. Reaching KLCC at about 12noon, I took out my map drawn by my colleague and try to find my way. Got lost in Jalan Ampang *ROFL* ! Walking around trying to find the place wasn’t at all easy especially when it started to drizzle the big drops of rain. I went around asking people, thank you for the nice people who helped me out giving me directions. So the information I got from was the place I am headed is beside Hotel Maya. After walking pass Hotel Maya like about 2 times, I found a few generous employees of New Hyatt Renaissance Hotel told me that the place I am headed is IN Hotel Maya. *ROFL* and I passed it twice! Damn I felt dumb! Finally located the place, I felt all relieved. Would have given up if I can’t find the place after such direct directions and I would go home and hit myself in the head for being dumb .

After the whole session at that origin place, which only took 20mins and I had to find it for so long *lol* , I head back towards to KLCC and walk around window shopping looking for mobile phones. Mommy wants a new mobile phone and I am given that task to look for it. Another funny story here *lol* , after all the window shopping I am supposed to get on the LRT at about 1:15pm and meet my sister in Taman Bahagia. I got lost in KLCC itself *lol* . I couldn’t find the LRT station and had to ask. After all the hassle I thought I was late of meeting my sister. To realized she just got to the Masjid Jamek Station when my train was there too. So I got off and waited for her. After meeting up, lunch… picking up my nephew and head home; Wow I got a massive headache. I took a shower and went to bed. I just woke up and my headache is still around. Guess I will head to bed early tonight.

Well, the journey today will give me an easier path next time I am going down again, which is next week. Least then I wouldn’t be spending 1 hour to look for the place anymore *lol* . Ok, going to shower and maybe play some game. I will see you people next time! Take cares all!

Full Moon Wo Sagashite ~ Eternal Snow

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