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- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, November 25, 2005

Swimming Today!

Went swimming just now after ages of not swimming and I had a great time. Swam a few laps and the water in 3K today is clean which is good. The place was bright lit and I felt REALLY satisfied with my session today. I even brought home a good memory at my feet after so long of swimming. I got a small part of my skin on top of my feet scraped off by the steps of the pool *lol* . Yeah one part of the tile on the steps was chip I guess. So when I was getting out of the pool leaving the place, I got cut by it. It bled for an hour… not a major bleeding session… just minor…

So now I got a souvenir from after so long of not swimming *lol* . I ought to be proud of it . Now it will remind me to go swimming more *lol* .

Anyway, I am dead tired. Gonna head to bed early today, can’t sleep in tomorrow since I have to be up early because my “good” brother wants me up early and wouldn’t tell me the exact time we are leaving the house to go to a colleague’s open house. How nice of him… I ought to hope I can kick his butt one day . Yeah I am annoyed by him… RAWR~! better get to bed early… and wake up brand new… See you all soon!

Erasure ~ Always

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