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- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, September 30, 2005


I cannot believe it! Today I found out an ex-colleague was actually interested in me wants to come after me back then… but after numerous attempts of trying to ask me for lunch which I decline, he gave up and went right after a new girl that came into our company. That is a relieve really… but EEEEEWWW! But OMG the thought of him trying to come after me and what’s worse to know… he went after the new girl… a little desperate can?

Why is it that when the person you want to have doesn’t have any interest in you but the person you want to have nothing to do with wants you? It is so unfair at times… but life was never fair it is now? Oh well, what more could one say? Nothing is fair… nothing.

Well just thought to come here and leave a note… *leave a NOTE* there . *lol* . I will blog again soon. Take cares all… love y’all…

DJ Tiesto ~ Clockwork Orange

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