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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, October 03, 2005

Me?! Flirt?!

To find out today from a colleague that I have this thing I always do that probably I do not realized it. Well, referring to him , he says I actually flirt too much ! Like what the feck?! I so do not flirt . Then after furthering into the chat I have with him, only to realized it is me being sarcastic in a feminine style but some males take it as if I flirt . Would the males stop thinking highly of themselves that would make me flirt with them? Like as if! Hello?! Have they even looked in the mirror to realize they are not even the quality I would choose to flirt with?! Go take a look at the Cameron Trip pictures. If you even find a cute, handsome or even attractive male in that picture please let me know. I would wanna smack him in the face and tell him he isn’t at all gorgeous or what so ever to me ! Flirt with them… *pfftt*. Even if they do not have a mirror to look at I hope they would do me a great favor to pee a patch and look into it themselves .

Well, off for now. Gonna grab mah shower and then see what I can find to do. Been getting all bored with everything else. Make my day and DO NOT stand on MY GRAVE! So MOVE ALONG NOW!!

DJ Encore feat. Engelina ~ Intuition

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