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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Weekend, Mother's Day, Love Triangle

Wheee! Weekend is coming and this Saturday I don’t have to work! Let’s party and get all drunk !

Well, currently in the mood to go clubbing but I must save money for Mother’s day. I still don’t know what to get for my mom. Anyone got any suggestions? I thought of getting her a new necklace and after all, the one she is wearing now keeps coming loose at the notch. But that might be quite costly for me . So maybe some suggestions?

How could someone say he loves you but yet he enjoys being around someone else more? I have a friend, he tells a girl he loves her but yet he enjoys being with me more. The girl and I are friends too. It is totally like all wrong. Well, they are both together of course. Though the guy says he loves her lot and only her… why do I doubt it? Baaah I am being sensitive probably. Anyhoo, it isn’t my problem. I shouldn’t be worrying about it but… it does involve me a little doesn’t it? It is like I am a third party in their relationship. It fears me that one day the guy would actually tell the girl that he doesn’t love her anymore because he loves me now. Now that would be scary.

Aaaahhh! Ok going to get my shower. The heat is giving me a headache. Well, see ya peeps around!

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