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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Love Triangle

OMG! What did I say?! My friend actually told me this “Adeline, I think I am beginning to fall for you.” like . Now what am I? A 3rd party or something? This cannot be happening . He cannot do this to my friend. Should I even tell my girlfriend about it? I know I don’t love the guy. He isn’t my type of guy that I would call boyfriend material . Especially now this, it confirms that he obviously isn't a guy I would want to be with. But he is a persistent guy. He would pursue me to the extent if he can’t get me. I can imagine being with him and having him coming up to me one day and say “Adeline, I don’t love you anymore because I fell in love with your friend.” Now that would suck big time. He hasn’t spoken to my friend yet, she is still practically clueless about this.

They are both close friends to me. Helping one side would ruin another. Though I can obviously see that the guy is already at wrong here. Aaahhhh *runs around mad* I need to calm down. Anyone care to tell me what to do? I think I know but I just want more opinions. Thanks.

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