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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Weird Dream, Sleepy

I had a weird dream… thinking about it is freaking me out . I had this dream about my colleague and two girl friends.

It is all started we just came out from clubbing and decided to take a drive to a peaceful place for fresh air and probably a puff while waiting for the stench of alcohol to ease down before we continue our journey. While we were there a bunch of guys arrive at the spot too and they began to argue, shouting at each other… looking like they are about to begin a fight. My colleague, the person driving indicated for us 3 girls to get into the car. When we are seated, he reached to lock my door while I did the same too and our hands brush against each other. That moment was weird but nothing happened. In the car my girl friend asked where are headed to and my colleague whom I sat beside me said “It is up to her where she wants to go” while putting his hand to massage the back of my neck indicating it is up to me. I said I don’t know and added “Wow, your massaging is good. Don’t stop.” He just go on massaging and then I woke up.

The scary part here is why am I dreaming of my colleague? He and I in the office are never THAT “close” to each other. Now it got me freak out… I woke up all shaken up . I hope I don’t have a dream of him in it anymore. It isn’t much of a good sign… it seems like I am missing him that much to the extend I am dreaming of him. NO WAY OH SAY! Not him, oh uh.

Well, the weather was so hot yesterday I did not even have much of sleep. I only probably had 1 hour sleep and I am frigging sleepy now. So I am going to head to bed early today. But now I am going to grab mah shower. So toodle-loo!

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