My whole body is aching~
- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Poet, Craving

When all seems to go wrong,
When nothing seems right.
Just remember I am here all along,
Right by your side.

When you are in depression,
When you need to cry on a shoulder.
Just remember I am a friend,
To be your listening ear.

Well, I felt poetic today and am a lousy poet. Was never good at being one anyway . Anyhoo, how is everything going on with everyone out there? One day we need to have a gathering for a mamak session. Do we still do that?

Just reporting in, I am all feeling better now. Though the coughing is still around and DAMN! I am craving for sweet stuffs right now! Ahhhhhhhhh *runs around screaming mad* I can’t find anything sweet in my house! Ahhhhhhhhh *runs around madly more* . Hmmm, has anyone tested the Coffee Bean’s new Blueberry Ice Blended yet? I feel like trying it out now though I am coughing but my craving for the sweet stuffs is getting to me. So bleah to coughing .

Ok I am going to go play my game now. Friend is here and its time to join the party and pwned the grounds where monsters spawn. Yeeha!

Esclipse ~ Tranced @ 4am

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