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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sick, Skills, Sleep

Being sick is no fun. Especially when you still have to work with dateline to close today, a stuffy nose, watery eyes, a coughing madness isn’t much of a delight to bring me through a good work day. I kept looking at my watch hoping time would go by faster so I can come home and sleep and now that I am home, I can’t sleep! Like .

Well sorry for not blogging for sometime now. Been quite lazy for one, and slight busy with my game trying to get my priestess to a higher level. The new skills are out we call it tier 4. Here is how one of the skills look like

Image hosted by

Well ok two skills. The wings on me, I am actually floating off ground that skill gives the people around me the regeneration on health and mana. But this skill would kill me if monsters around me are attacking me because during the skill, I can’t pot or heal unless another priestess heals me. You see another blue angel? Well, that skill is my summon, it attacks monsters near by and evades me from monsters’ blows. Don’t I look cool ?

Well, I think I should go try to rest up now. The fever isn’t doing me much good. If this persist, I will have to see the damn bloody company doctor and get a day off from him (if he even gives me one ).

Well, I am off. Until next time. Take cares all!

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