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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

1st February

Wayhey! Guess what?! *jumps up & down* Don’t know? It is my birthday today ! Yep yep… And on my birthday I declare Kuala Lumpur to have holiday! Right… *lol*

Well, it isn’t much of a day. I had to work & boy was it a freaking hectic day at the office. Currently I am rushing off bundles of work, so I could enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration without worries. Would anyone like to help me with my bundles of work?

I got a Fossil watch from my brother & sister. As usual my mom would give a red packet for goodness . I love the watch & of course I love my family .
Here’s a peek at the watch .

Nice yea?

CNY is on its way soon & I am still not done with my shopping yet . Yet I can’t take leave for now because I need to finish off my work before I can get a day off. Rush off my work then must finish my shopping. So far I manage to get
For work: two pants, a top
For Casual: a top
It isn’t much I still need another working top & a new jeans . More money to spend .

My company is closing for CNY on Tuesday. My boss is being nice and letting us off at 1pm (yea right then deduct our annual leave ) We are re-opening again on the 15th. W00t?! 6 days of hols?! Well, the 15th is also consider a holiday because we are going to go in to the office at 12:30 afternoon, get “ang paus” sit around, gamble a bit, make a move to our destination for our CNY lunch & probably end up in the boss’ house to gamble more . So it isn’t much of a working it is? So yea 7days of hols for me . So who is around for me to visit during my long holiday?

So have you all done your CNY Shopping yet? Have you all taken days off to go back to your hometown (to those who are going back)? Plan on what to do yet? Have yet to do anything I mentioned? Better get it done soon. Only 8 days away to CNY!

Just in case I miss to wish you all… here now I wish you all in advance

May this new Chinese year bring you a prosperous New Year!
Make sure not to forget my "ang pau".

Goldfrapp ~ Black Cherry

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