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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Tell Someone What's in Your Heart Today

Well, I got something to share today. Nothing really… but most of you would have probably heard of it.

A love that never got started,

About this one guy & girl... this guy & girl were childhood friends... they grew up together & always spend their free time by each other... as years pass they both have dated tonnes of people yet the guys still loves her. But he daren't tell her because he was sure that she only treated them as best friends...

One day, the girl was diagnosed with cancer & pass away. He was crying at his funeral & the girl's mother went up to the guy & gave him a letter.

The girl wrote:
"I never know how to tell, I dare not tell... in fact I am sure you only treated me as a best friend. But as for how long I have known you, I have loved you till today. I know I wouldn't be alive long, and I just want you to know, I Love You."

The guy cried even harder then.

The moral of the story, if you love someone tell him/her and not wait until it is too late. No matter it is your family, friends, or the one you want to spend your lifetime with. Even if you fear it might end up to be a rejection, at least you told him/her better than never.

I got my brother a birthday present, his birthday was in Nov. I kept the present for sometime. I never wanted to give it to him or in fact I don’t know how to give it to him. My brother & I never got along since I became a teenager. Eventually I hate him, yet I still love him as my brother. I don’t know how I would actually let him know that no matter what happens between him & me, he would still be my brother. Until today I have no courage to say to him.

A friend was talking to me on MSN saying he loves a girl but dare not tell her because he was sure she loves someone else. That was when I gave him the story above. He got through to him all right. He is going to tell the girl he loves her when he gets another opportunity no matter what the answer she is going to give him. He was extremely grateful he spoke to me.

After giving him that certain advice, I realize I myself need to let my brother know I love him still. It took me 5 hours thinking on how to give him his birthday present & indirectly telling him I never forget and that I still love him. I went downstairs where he was watching television, pass him the gift which isn’t anything fancy or expensive (I hope he liked it) & wished him a happy belated birthday.

So do you have someone to tell them you love them? Something you want to say to someone? Something you want to give? Or anything at all? Better do it soon because you would not know what would happen to the person the next day. All the best, take cares, I love all of you!

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