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- 23rd Jul 2014

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Mass of Work, New Year Resolution

It’s a new year, new resolution… how’s is everyone? I hope everyone has have their new year resolution all plan out… Funny how I hope for you all but I have yet to have my own plan out . Well, lots of things to think of… I am beginning a new life mostly… going to especially not butt into nothing that does not concern me… I always tend to have such attitude especially within my work place . Now I have got to finish my own work. Mentioning on work, like OMG! I have so much to do that all the datelines are on the same day… how am to settle it in time . Well, let’s hope things all go well with it… tomorrow is Monday so let’s hope I can get one of the dateline finish at least, if not then I am hehehe DOOMED!
So yea tomorrow I am going to be only at my workstation other than some occasional toilet visit & of course the best time of the day lunch break Sounds like when we are in school, on how we love RECESS back then.

Oh well, time for me to head off. I am kinda sleepy actually… . Oh come it is a Sunday. A day for us to rest, so yea I am taking much rest out of it . I woke up at 12noon & now I am going back to bed . So see you all around some other time… HAVE YOUR RESOLUTION ALL SORTED OUT NOW!

Erasure ~ Always

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