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Thursday, December 30, 2004

New Year, Tsunami... Snow?

Wishing all of you to have a great NEW YEAR!

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Malaysia isn’t going to be celebrating much of New Year this year… Every celebration held tomorrow is banned due the Tsunami case.

Mentioning that Tsunami, is everyone okay? Family, friends or love ones? It was a disaster no one would predict to happen. Those affected was a really great loss. Somehow or rather it seems to me that the earth is taking a turn… So would it be snowing in Malaysia soon? Afterall remembering my history, we did have ICE back in the ages. I don’t mean Ice Age . If the world is really taking a turn… Malaysia would snow, the States or snowy areas would have our Tropical Weather. Unfortunately, if Malaysia does snow, I hope we are prepare for it because if not… tonnes of Malaysians would die from coldness or being stampede purchasing winter clothes. If it does snow & I am not prepared for it which means I am going to die of coldness… I am so going to go snowboarding, build a snowman & do anything with those snow before I move on . Oh come on… why die in fear & depression right? Have all the fun while we still can .

Well, I hope none of anyone you all know is hurt out there because of this Tsunami. Take cares & I hope for the best for everyone. Also wishing all a HAPPY NEW YEAR (again )

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