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- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, February 04, 2005


I thought only ENEMIES put you down… in fact if the enemy put me down I wouldn’t feel as bad but this time it is a friend, and to make it worse it is a CLOSE FRIEND.

I have gone through my life without a car to drive. A number of people have actually hurt me by saying things that has to do with traffic, cars in example:
~ You wouldn’t know how tiring it is because you don’t drive.
~ You wouldn’t know how much the cost it is to have a car because you don’t drive.
~ You wouldn’t know how it feels like to be caught in traffic jam because you don’t drive.
And blah blah blah.

Just because I don’t have a car, just because I don’t drive, does it mean I don’t know anything? I am already very much hurt because I do not have my own transportation, do people have to remind me each time about it! Rant all you want! I am freaking fed up! Yea I don’t have a freaking car! I don’t freaking drive! Bite me! I am just a dumb fool who doesn’t know anything about vehicles, traffics or what so ever. Why?! BECAUSE I DON’T FREAKING DRIVE OR EVEN OWN A FREAKING CAR!

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