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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Dark Throne, Brutal Bitchez

It has been long since I blog. I know some of you still checks while there’s no entry. That is so sweet. Thanks! I really appreciate such gestures…

Ah Well, now what’s there to blog? Honestly my mind’s a blank . I don’t know what to blog about . Oh, maybe I will tell you about the game I play. No no, not Priston Tale don’t worry *lol* . I am going to talk about Dark Throne which is a text war game. I joined this alliance called Brutal Bitchez. They have a forum… I got to know them… they are really a great bunch of people. When I first joined, I thought they would be snobbish because I am the only Malaysian there & they kinda don’t really reply to my threads. Soon only did I realized they aren’t as bad as I thought. They were really great bunch of peoples. Now it has gotten me to be addicted to the forum. I can sit in front of my comp just posting at threads . Amazing how there’s so many types of people we meet through internet. Lately I have been meeting a bunch of cool people. Hopefully though... some might not be as they are online & in Real Life but not like as if I am going to meet them in Real Life or something .

Basically that’s new to me. I did not know married people with kids as old as my age would play games too. I always thought teenagers or people from twenty-ish to at least forty-ish would only play (40+ especially if they are single, but married with kids my age ). Now I have seen it all. .

All right… Dinner is back. I am off to it now. See ya all around.

DJ Encore feat Engelina ~ High On Life

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