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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I am HOME!

Just got back yesterday from my vacation to Perhentian Island. Today I am here to tell it all.

No hard feelings but I must admit I had much from this trip then the one I went to Redang with my friends. We went to a lot of places for snorkeling. I even went to Marine Park & I swam around in the ocean without a life jacket. But when the waves are too strong of course I would wear one. I don’t really want the wave bringing me on a trip I don’t want to go to.

I saw all sorts of fishes & lots of other things I never seen before. This trip really open up my eyes… I saw sharks, I even touched a turtle! But too bad I do not have a waterproof camera if not I am sure to take tonnes of pictures under water.

This trip was one of the most tiring trips I ever had. Maybe because of the snorkeling I did so much. All those swimming especially going against the wave… Gosh it wasn’t easy! I will try to post some under water pictures when I get it from our camera man. Yep he has a waterproof camera.

I got a chance to wear my bikini. Oh boy, I did not know it would attract so much attention. Suddenly I was the topic of the night. So Shy! Oh I got a sunburned. Bad one too… my shoulders, back, arms & my legs too. I look like as though I am wearing a pink bodysuit. *lol* But then all this is all worth it!

We got drunk at night. Though I wasn’t really too drunk. I was only slightly tipsy, still able to walk straight & think straight. Just a little “high”. During this trip met with 2 guys who are scuba divers. Roger, 24 years old & Sham 34 years old. Roger is really amusing. He likes to take pictures & make statement while videotaping especially when he is taping himself. It was cute. Roger looks like Japanese as well. I got to know them was because of his funny ethnics that caught my attention. Then Sham started to speak to me when I smiled about Roger. Then it all started. They love scuba diving, scuba dive every 2 months once & every time in a different location. It was nice knowing them; they sure lighten up the trip a bit. I did not manage any pictures with them because I did not have my camera with me then. They left the next day so opportunity gone. But Roger took my picture. Sham is quite chatty as well & he thinks I am cute *Raises eyebrow* (I don’t think I am cute).

I got tanned this time, REALLY tanned. But if I strip naked, I can see fair part shape of my swim suit. Should have worn my bikini to the ocean instead… Remorse too late now… Let it be an experience. Next time I will know what to do.

The night there is nice. Windy & silent with only the sound of waves hitting (when I sat at the jetty)… I like sitting at the jetty. The 2 nights I was there, I would sit down there & just enjoy the peaceful environment. I would just sit down there & let worries be blown away by the wind to the ocean & be brought away with the waves. Sitting there while the wind blows, I was really hoping the trip was gone on with a love one because then sitting there at the jetty while the wind blows, my love one would hug me from behind (yep I like my love one to hug me from behind… I don’t know it just feels nice), we would be talking sweet words into each others ears while the moon is shinning above, the sounds of waves gives us peace, probably end up making out & going back to the room & get intimate… (oohh… now doesn’t that sound romantic?) Guess I will have to wait for my love one to come along into my life. I wish he come faster…

I don’t think I will get bored with Redang or Perhentian Island. The white sandy beaches, the clear blue / green water, the environment… the next time I am there, I am going to relax only. Nothing else… NO Snorkeling, NO activities. Only relaxing & maybe sit by the pool & enjoy the sun or go down to the beach & lie down in the ocean. Now let’s hope the next time I go there, it is with friends or my love one.

All right enough of my story on my vacation. I am out of words & all. I wouldn’t want to be boring up my blog would I? Hee~

So see you all around!

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