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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Just another Entry

Hmmm… How long have I not been blogging again? Man I am getting silent day by day. I know people come in to check… I would like to make BIG apologies to you who come in & see no latest entry. Well, don’t think I died or something! I am very much alive! *lol*

Saturday coming soon… I am going on vacation again! This time I am going to Perhentian Island (Yes again… but last time was Redang) with my colleagues on a company trip. Yeah going to same place twice a year & not very far apart in time duration as well…

I am going to be on leave tomorrow. Took the day off to clean my room. Yeah I am finally going to clean my room again. I have been so addicted to games that I neglected my poor room. *awww room, don’t cry now. I will tend to you tomorrow* Oh no! I m nuts! Talking to my room?! HAHAHAHA

Woah… concentrating on my blog, with music blasting up, my brother suddenly came in & asked “I buy A & W, you want?” That gave me a slight jumpy situation. Why am I so jumpy lately? Best part, my brother asked me! Shocking situation… yeah, you all should know why… My brother & I were never in good terms… best part we had an argument lately so we are not even talking terms. It was shocking he asked me just now. Oh well…

Hmm… I am suddenly craving for Pringles. Must be all that Pringles cans right beside my comp. They are empty, I clean them out long time ago & now inside it only has coins. I don’t think the coins are edible… I am no Piggy Bank

Time is ticking away & I am still sitting here. I need to go shower. Have not shower since reaching home from work. My brother has showered & dried up already & I am still unclean. Better go now. If not I am going to make chair stinking mad. *lol* See you all around. Until nest blogging (which is when, I don’t know) Doei!

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