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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Priston Tale, Pictures

I have been playing so much of Gunbound and Priston Tale that I have neglected my blog. Yes I admit I am bad. But then again what is that for me to blog about? I honestly can never find anything to blog about. But today I have something. I have decided to show you all my character in Priston Tale. I especially like the scenery.

Check it out!

In Forgotten Land, one of the places with high level monsters

In Pillai, her tribe town

Priestess zoomed in ~ Forgotten Land

Priestess zoomed in ~ Pillai

What do you think? My character now looks much better. She has rank up & is now level 31. I have yet to take shots of my Knight yet. I will soon. *lol*

I am also going to try to take a picture of my friends in Priston Tale. I met a few friendly people. Take picture with them would be nice. Group shots! Until then see you all around!

PJ & Duncan ~ Eternal Love

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