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Sunday, August 08, 2004

A Knight, An Archer! My Friends!

More shots from PT! This time with a number of skillful shots & with a friend Elnezah a knight that looks exactly like my knight too *lol* Of course not to forget I got one shot with another friend, an Archer. Take a look at her bow... nice. *psst* level 47!
Have a look…

My Priestess casting a Party Members Grand Healing

My Priestess & Elnezah (Knight)

Jess (Archer), My Priestess, Elnezah (Knight)

Elnezah enjoying the sunset while the Ghost comes

Elnezah in a scenic area, Bamboo Forest

Nice? One of the pictures cannot turn up. The one where Elnezah casted Holy Valor, a skill that increases attacking power. Sorry about that. It was a great picture really but funnily the color ran once I uploaded it. Maybe next time.

That is all for now! I am going into GB. My Guild leader is on. See ya soon!

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