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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, August 09, 2004

Ignored, Sad...

Can someone make you all warm & fuzzy one minute but the next minute make you feeling disappointed & feeling freezing in his ice cold words? YES! I have a friend; he is really a great guy… Don’t ask me I just know. *Female instincts I guess* He can be so nice & sweet to me but then suddenly become so cold & heartless. Though he knows he has hurt me & wanted to stop, but he said he can’t help it because it is him. I do not understand it?! I thought he liked me so much to know that hurting me would at least make him realized to stop? Doesn’t it? Or does good feelings towards me doesn’t help anyone? It doesn’t matter; eventually I guess everyone is different so the feelings don’t count to him. Finally he decided to ignore me not to hurt me. Just to let him know, ignoring me is hurting me more than treating me cold.

Usually, if he sees me online, he would beep me on my MSN. But today, he is just missing. Ignoring me, not wanting to hurt me? This is bad… I don’t want to lose him or anyone as a friend. But is this fated? Is this meant to be right? Gosh! I think I should stop now. I don’t want to go teary.

Hoobastank ~ The Reason (Repeating again & again)

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