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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, July 26, 2004

Tonnes of workout

Today I decided to blog. Now what should I be blogging about? Well, I got lazy from my games. Maybe I will go play later. I need to get myself to a metal axe in Gunbound because someone has asked me to join their guild. Unfortunately I am just too lazy now.

So now let’s think of what to blog. Oh yeah, did I tell you all I have started to walk to work? Yeah I have started to walk to work. Must be wondering why? Let’s start from the beginning…
I used to go to work with my brother in he’s car. One day I had an argument with him about he’s car & I decided not to ride in his car anymore. So walking is my solution. Sometimes if I am wearing pants that day, I would hitch a ride with my colleague whose rides a motorcycle. Anyway, ever since I started to walk… I arrive in the office with an energy that I cannot describe! I am more energetic even though I don’t get my 8 – 10 hours sleep. Funny, I guess it must be the walk. Early morning exercises make us livelier to last us all day!

Guess what? I am starting to play Futsal tomorrow… I know some of you might think “Adeline play Futsal?! Hahahaha…” Well, yes I don’t think I know how to play but then again there’s a first time in everything isn’t it? At the very least if I am really lousy at it I just make my team lose… HAHAHA

Just realized I am getting very active lately. So much of sports… swimming, futsal, badminton (Starting in Sept’2004) & wait there’s no more for now. with all this sports going on, I am bound to lose weight this year! *Made a promise to a few people that I would lose weight last 2 – 3 years & I haven’t done it yet… So bad of Adeline…* So I am bound to keep to my promise this year… *Now only want to stick to promise? *
Ah well, let’s hope I lose weight before I meet up with those people I promise to… hee~ MY READERS! DO YOU SUPPORT ME? DO YOU SUPPORT ME? YES! YOU! DO YOU SUPPORT ME? YES YES!

*Going mentally nuts isn’t a way for me to go by the day… pfffttt*

Well, better go… Now I am in the mood for GB

Now listening to Five for Fighting ~ 100 years

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