My whole body is aching~
- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Aching Day

I played Futsal yesterday. It was lots of fun I must admit. I was playing defense all the time. My team was outnumbered so what choice do I have? We had 2 attackers/strikers on my team so they attack & most of us were defending. It was really a good experience. I did not know I could slide like I did. Ah well, but those slides gave me bruises. I had bruises on my right leg knee. But hell it was fun! I was praised for being a very good defender.

Anyhow Futsal is fun, but it has its disadvantages. Today I am aching at my thighs, calves, shoulder blades, my pelvic… ouch! Worst was in the office today, I have to walk up & down the stairs. It took me a hard time to do all those walking. Even sitting down & getting up is a problem. Hopefully when I go for the 2nd Futsal game, I wouldn’t be in this pain the following day. But then again all this aching is worth it somehow if I think on the positive side. I get to exercise & shed off those extra pounds. So for the first day at vigorous games the aching is worth it.

Ah well, I wasn’t the only one having all this aches… so did the rest of the people on the field who did all the chasing, attacking & defending. Of course we have a few of them females only standing at one place waiting for the ball to come to them. When the ball reaches them, they avoid the ball.

Time for me to go shower now, achingly signing off.

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