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- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Swimming again

Konnichi wa! Finally went swimming again! I am so happy! Yesterday the water in the pool is also clean & clear! Another reward to me! Yep the pool would usually be like haze in water. Too much chlorine… Yesterday’s water was so clean I never came out of pool feeling all scratchy… I am so excited about swimming again. With the water so clean, it was another reward. Yesterday was the funniest night I had.

I love doing the Spiderman clinging on the building style. When my colleague tried doing it, he said he felt like a monkey hanging on a tree. The best part was he kept trying & he just can’t cling on to the wall like Spidey. He kept slipping off & I was laughing my arse off in the pool. I laugh so hard that my goggles were filled up with my tears… *yes when I laugh too hard, I tear*
Then we tried doing the Matrix-in-the-air kung fu but it was like so much failure that people probably think we were nuts… *hahaha* We did so much stupid thing last night I got tired from laughing instead of swimming… Yesterday night was one of the most laughed swimming nights I ever had.
Yesterday night I saw an aunty swimming… she was cute… you know how this public pools needs a swimming cap to worn, yep… the cute thing was this aunty wasn’t wearing a swimming cap, she was wearing those hotel giveaways shower cap! Not just cute… it was priceless… man I should have brought my camera in… *wonders if they allow that*
Then saw 5 Malay kids jumping & somersaulting into the water! Wow another great sight. One of them actually did a very good somersault! *salutes the kid*

Ah well, time to go now… it is raining here, nice cold weather to sleep… Since I am tired… I am off to bed. Sayonara!

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