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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Addicted to PT, No swimming

I started to play a new game… yep no more Knight Online. Now I am so into Priston Tale. I got addicted actually. I can play that game on a working night until 4am… my family is complaining already… *ngek ngek* But what can I do? I am just a game freak! Oh well, but then again… I know I just started playing it that is why I am addicted to it. Soon I would just be bored… =p
But then again, I wonder when would soon be… hehehe

I play a Priestess & Knight in there. Wow! The Priestess has cool skills. She has lightning & when I cast it, I can hear thunder… hehehe
My Knight is still in a very low level so I don’t really know what great skills he got but I have seen others & they don’t seem too good… I love the lightning best for now.

Been raining in the evening for days now, I can’t go swimming… it is so sad. I miss swimming! You know I have lost 5kgs ever since I started to swimming. My clothes even felt looser than it was before. Especially the pants I wore to work today. It was cleaning the office floor when I walk around the office. Hahaha… lost weight until pants dropping already. Woohoo! I am so happy! Let’s celebrate!

I am going to shower & admired my slightly slimmed down body now. Then I am going PT. Doei!

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