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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

*Phew* Relieved

Today I went swimming at the Sports complex near my housing area. Boy was a relief to dip myself into this pool again. Though I get all itchy over in this water here but I am freaking happy to be in it. At least the water in the pool here is much clearer, cleaner & breathable.

Yes I did not mention anything about the pool in Laguna Redang (the resort I stayed in while I was in Redang). Let’s give you a little story about it. The pool looked so nice & clean from the resort room balcony. Wow! I couldn’t have waited longer to jump in. Finally changed into my swimsuit, get ready & go down to the pool… jump right in & *gosh* I immediately came up for air! I couldn’t breathe in their water! It was unclear (I can’t see what’s in front me unless it was like really at my nose); the water smells of sun block lotion! Must be all those people who went snorkeling & jump into the pool once they return from the ocean… the pool water even taste slightly salty (yes, I had water going through my nose a few times). Sigh, so when I went into the pool at the sports complex, I was excited! I was able to swim further & dive deeper. Woohoo! =P

Right now, I am quite tired with all those swimming I have done & of course my mood swung from good to bad. Don’t ask… *yawn* I am tired. All right, I think I will call it a day for now. Need sleep, need to think probably. Adios Amigos!

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