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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Back from Redang, I am tanned

Came back from my Redang trip yesterday... Had great fun though it was really a tiring trip…

I came back tanned but if I stripped naked, my swimsuit shape will be extremely clear because that is the only place that didn’t get dark. Hahaha! It is so funny… but then again I don’t I would stripped if I go out yeah… so it is fine. Just imagine me stripping to show people I am dark at visible places & fair at non visible places. Hahahaha… I would be in the papers tomorrow “GIRL STRIPPED AT MAMAK” hahaha…

Anyway, Redang was NICE! The water was clear blue; the sand was soft & fine! I love walking on it bare footed. I went snorkeling for my first time; it was a slight disappointment because I did not get to see much of fishes… only a handful…but I did not regret it. In the evening I went out with my friends to see baby shark. I saw a baby shark… only one & I got cuts & bruises all over just trying to chase after the baby shark. Yep, I the big clumsy klutz actually had to chase after the baby shark & got knocked by a wave & knock myself to corals & rocks. I was cut in the fingers, leg, toes, foot & arm. Everywhere also got cut but it was worth it… at least now I have got experience. NO REGRETS! Though I did not manage to get pictures of me snorkeling I hope it remains a memory to me. I am going Perhentian Island in August… Company trip… There I am bound to get pictures coz I am getting the water proof disposable camera.

Anyway back on this trip… the place I stayed at is Laguna Redang Resort. The place was nice but I don’t really like the staffs at front desk. They are so snobbish… the cleaners are much better than them. Useless high ranking staffs… Anyway, thank God they did not spoil my mood because the place is just too good to have my mood ruined. Well, I really don’t know what to say anymore… anywhere I don’t think this trip is that good… I will try to story more on my next trip to Perhentian Island. I think that trip would be much of better in everyway because we have a tour guide!

Anyway, I got to go. I am going to go KO now.

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