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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Snatch Thieves & Redang!

Ever since the news on snatch thieves every where, I have been very cautious about my back pack. Especially since they have now reported that today’s snatch thieves are very daring & bold… I have been even more extra careful especially with bikers & particularly two Indian men on their bike. Eventually somehow I realized most snatch thieves are Indians (No hard feelings to those Indian readers out there, just that where I am from, they are mostly Indians.) or an amount of Malays. Of course I have to agree if you say there are Chinese too… in fact all kinds of races! So eventually just be careful whenever YOU go out!

Agnes Leng Leng, you want to buy float from me! I obviously can’t give it to you this coming few days because I am away! I am going to REDANG! YES finally a break away from work, stress & pressure! Time for to relax! Though I am only going away for 3 days 2 nights, it is good enough for me to unwind myself! By the way, readers don’t start missing me yeah? *thick skin*

Well, I can’t really type too long now. I need to re-check my packing. Don’t want to miss anything. Go there then find out “Heh, I did not bring underwear ar? ARRGGHH!” hehehe… then I am going to go bathe & sleep early. My flight is scheduled at 7:30am. Have to be in airport by 6:00am, so leaving house at 5:00am. Early! Have to wake up at about 3-4am to get ready! Oh well, for the sake of trip, wake up early also worth it! So see you readers around!

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