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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, June 14, 2004

Snatch Thieves

Read the newspaper? I did… Probably front page about the snatch thief case & the girl working at Nanyang Siang Pau is now in a coma. What have the world become to?

When I arrive home today, my mom told me that when I come home at late night or any part of the day at all to be careful because this morning at about 10pm my irritating neighbor (the one that accused us of things we didn’t do or bad mouth us… *I think she a bit mental… well, that’s another story) got robbed by snatch thief. The India guy has a knife to her throat but she did not want to give in at all. She broke loose & ran to another neighbor’s house gate but couldn’t get away because they were on bike. They took the knife cut her handbag loose which has also injured her at her shoulder. So means she should be in hospital. She drove there herself people presume. Anyway, I don’t think my mom knows the whole full story anyway because she did after all hear it from another neighbor. For this incident I don’t know if I should be happy because she is after all a B***h & finally she has to pay her debt. But then again should I be not so cruel? *bah* not any of my problem.

Just telling you all out there to be careful you know if anyone got into such situation don’t hesitate to give in because you might lose both your money & your life. If you are in the situation like my neighbor I would suggest throw the bag far far away & when the guy takes the bag run like hell! You know, why protect the money when if you did you lose your life then you don’t even have the chance to use it. Lose the money & your life or… lose the money but save your life. You choose… Take cares…

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