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- 23rd Jul 2014

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Level 40... *Monsters I haven't seen before*

I went to the level 40 town in KO now. I am happy. All new monsters! None of what I have seen before! The place looks so good… I think I am not leaving it! But once in a while I have to because my clan leader prefers to be in normal town helping the rest of clan members to level. I don’t mind helping because I want my clan members to be in Eslant with me too!

The weather is freaking hot today. Guess what I went shopping for bikini yesterday & man my friend pointed out that my breasts are saggy. Damn… like as if I don’t know it. So she suggested me to wear push up bra. Which is like so hard for me to find… =( now I am wearing my push up bra that I got last time. Amazingly it fits… last time I tried it on, I was too fat for it. This must mean I have lost weight! Woohoo! But unfortunately I still need to lose more to fit into the bikini… =p

Sigh… I am bored… KO too much… until I don’t know what to do now. Hehehe… was supposed to help a friend level he’s new priest but he’s level is too low for me to party him. So I guess I am going back into Eslant to level myself. So Level here I come!

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