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- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Just an Entry

In KO I am finally a level 41. I can go to places where lower levels can’t go. I can go to higher levels town!

Oh well, is a holiday for me today. I just finished cleaning my room after centuries of not cleaning it & of course washed the toilet. Wow I never knew a slight chemical with sizzles when it touches the floor of my toilet can make a big difference. My toilet floor is now cleaner than before. =P

Feeling very hot now, I wish I could just go to the pool & dip myself inside & not come up. Sleep under water. That would be cool. I am so sleepy! Friend said would go for lunch… FFK! Friend said yesterday would go for dinner… FFK! Friend say today go to Sunway Pyramid… I think it will end up being FFK also because until now she has not called me up to confirm. =P Oh well, there’s still ample time actually. There she just called me up. All right she said 6pm after her work she comes over to pick me up. Since I only have not much of time to sleep… I am going back to bed now. Tiredness rules me more than anything else. Adios!

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