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- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Knight Online

It has been quite an amount of time since I blog. I have got addicted to this game call Knight Online. Yeah you would be wondering why I did not link the site. Well, honestly speaking I don’t know where it is either. My friend gave me the site & I forgot to add it to my favorites. I try a few times to load from its original site but it kept telling me that it couldn’t find server. So my friend gave me this site of an unknown name to me to load the game. I got it load & I have been playing it since Tuesday I think.

The game is basically like Diablo II, but no boss’ in it… Phew what relieve. We have to kill monsters to gain our experience, level up then go to bigger stronger monsters & again do the same. Soon as we get stronger & stronger… we will join the war they have every now & then. Since I am a game freak & a lover to Diablo II, this game would be great fun to me. :)

Currently I am still in the game. I am healing now so I took this opportunity to blog. I am going to the game now. Toodleloo!

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