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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Bored to DEATH!

Holidays… I am sitting here at home making myself bored to death. I called a few friends if they want to come out for anything. One going to Gym, one going out with her new found friend, one at work & one did not even reply (I wonder what are the rest doing?). How depressing could that get? I wanted to go swimming badly… Yes my addiction to swimming is pathetic. But no transport… they pool isn’t far from home… but it would too far for me to ride my bicycle there… too near for cabs to bring me there. What am I doing? Sit at home & rot like hell has frozen over while I blog (sorry for the pun).

Oh well, I am so going to search something to do. Maybe play an online game. But to download that game is taking me forever! Worse if they allow me to download… the server has been down for like days. I have to get my friend to send it over to me & the file is like 279977KB large! How long would that take with DSL? I don’t even want to know…

Sigh, I wish I have a car! I wish I have ideas of things to do. I think I am so going to play game now. I am stuck at my Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness… & guess I am so going to make Lara Croft run around in circles until I bump into something. Oh well, hope this day passes by with more great joy & fun for the rest of you out there.

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