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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Long Stretch!

Wow! Another long stretch of no blogging. I got addicted to the game actually. I just couldn’t stop playing it. It took me long way to be at where I am today. So when they start to charged to play the game like Ragnarok Online (is that even the one I should spell it?) then I guess I would stop playing. That time, I will have to look for a new game or just go back to playing offline games like my Tomb Raider which is I am still STUCK!!! Damn!

Swimming classes is getting good. I am advancing quite very fast now. In one lesson I mastered my Freestyle… which actually I already knew how… Hehehe… then I finally mastered my Froggy style. The coach said that next lesson he teaching me Butterfly style. Oh yeah, I know how to track water already. Not bad huh… All thanks to practice hard! Hahaha…

Friend is asking me to help him kills orc now… So I got to go. Until the next time I blog (Probably in decades :P) you all Take Cares! Muax love you all!

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