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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Just a thought

The night has come,
Time for us to go to dreamland now,
As we off the lights,
We shall sleep until the next morning light.

Before you pop your head,
On the pillow on your bed,
Remember the good little things,
That had happen to you today.

Be grateful & thankful,
Remember to say your prayers,
For all the good things that has happen to you today,
Even though I am sure He already knows.

Say your prayers,
Though your day might have been bad,
You can tell Him,
And pray for a better day tomorrow.

Even if you have nothing bad or good
Happen to you today,
You still can say your prayers,
For own good self.

Of course not to forget,
To add in your prayers,
Your loved ones, family & friends,
And of course not to forget ME!

Before the night ends,
And before the sun rises for a new day,
I just want to say,
It was nice knowing you another day.

I will remember to pray today,
And tell Him that I am grateful,
Because I have you as my friend,
For another day.

Right now,
I should end this,
Because it is getting late,
And I am sleepy to my head.

Good night to you,
Sweet dreams,
Sleep tight,
And Take Cares!

*I know it is lousy. Will try harder next time. Muax!

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