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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Another Tired Day

What a hectic day? Today my office has a seminar going on, with me the kulikang of the office; I am needed to prepare food for their tea break, make coffee & the worse part, the seminar wasn’t in the same building! It was at the building opposite of my office. That building is also ours & walking back & forth… in & out is not much of a relax day. My feet hurt because of all the walking in my high heel. There is another bad thing to it. My office table is upstairs! Walking up & down the stairs. My poor leg… :(

Then in the evening I went to Carrefour. I needed to buy the pouffe for my mom to put her leg on. Looking at her put her leg on the table so susah. Put high high then later numb pulak. So buy the pouffe for her to put leg low low don’t need to put on table. She don’t put on table also good, I can finally eat at the living room table. :P

Then I got new slippers, I also got a present for a friend whose birthday is coming soon. I got my eldest sister a present too. I got her a Ralph Lauren eau de parfum from Parkson Grand. Or was that eau de toilet. Alamak don’t remember. Sudah warapped up already tak nampak pulak. Hehehe… I planned to get a G-resistant discman. I saw in Carrefour. Selling at RM370. Mahalnya… Oh well, now to wait for me to save money then only get it. Or maybe you all can get me for my birthday gift… Hint hint!
Just found out that my boyfriend’s grandmother passed away. I give my condolences to his family & him. I am also sorry that I cannot help make things better for him… I couldn’t think of much but to leave him alone. I am also sorry that I could not be there for him now. I hope he understands that I am incapable of going over to his place at such hours. Anyway, even if I could, I don’t think I should not be disturbing him or his family. I am after all an outsider & that is after all their family matter. I shall pray for his grandmother today that she will be always happy at where she is now. May God bless her soul.

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