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- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Just an Entry

Today I woke up late. My mobile alarm did not go off because it was out of battery. Oppss… When I am done with showering & went downstairs, my brother has already started the car. My mom thought I am still sleeping. :P I told her what happen & I am sure I was forgiven. In work yawning al the time & my eyes can barely open! Unfortunately for me, I have tonnes of work to finish if not I will have to stay back even after one.

Later of the morning, my boyfriend called & asked, “When are we going to Nilai?”
“Why do you want to go Nilai?”
“Just go there.”
“For what?”
“Go visit your friend”
“Visit my friend? I don’t have a friend in Nilai”
“Oh, wrong. Nilai Memorial Park”
Ok, he wanted to bring me to visit the late Erwin Tan. It was sweet of him. But it isn’t the right time to visit him yet. So I told him till the day comes I will let him know. After he hung up, I felt tears forming in me eyes. Was it because my boyfriend is willing to bring to visit the late Erwin or missing Erwin? Well, if you guessed ‘boyfriend willing to bring me…’ you are SO wrong. I was missing Erwin. I am sorry darling… I couldn’t help it. He was such a great friend… pulled myself together pulled the tears back in.

Yesterday, I got a message from Pikey asking if I want to go Taman Tun for mamak or not. The funny thing is, last Friday he sent the same message & this time I thought he also send wrong again. So i replied the message : Oppss again? I know you miss me, don't need to send wrong message to get my attention geh. (I think that's what I wrote.. :P) then he told this time it is for real. Malu Betul! Hahaha... thought he miss me...
Anyway I did not join him, first I had to work today then it was late & I did not have a transport either. I never did get a reply from him. Oh well, it is over right? PIKEY! MISS ME LAR! MAKE ME HAPPY! HAHAHA...

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