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Friday, February 27, 2004

Woman in Black

Today I nearly did not want to get out of bed. My alarm rang at 0740 hours & I stuck myself in bed until it was 0810 hours. Finally realizing with my mood like this I might as well go to work then stay at home & sulk. I do not know what’s wrong. Got out of bed, walking like a zombie towards the bathroom, I nearly fell asleep inside. :P

Suddenly, it came into my mind why am I depressed. I realize I am actually missing a friend of mine who has passed away in 2001. I have a copy of what I wrote & posted in Circle of Friends on the day of his death. I am now going to share it with you all.
Hi! Today at 8th May 2001, I found out one of my friend has passed away. He was a very nice young man with a blessing soul. With his intelligence, he was a computer freak. His interest in computer came to him when he is in a young age. Achieving in that field he have intentions to open his own business as soon as he graduates. He is also very talented in music. He was the lead singer & lead guitarist for the band he has.

He is a very kind hearted young man who is willing to help anyone who asked. I really like him a lot. We were getting very close lately. Not lovers close. Friends close. Losing him is a torment. I lost a great friend.

Knowing the late Erwin Tan was a great pleasure to me. Never would I forget the times I have with him. The memory of him remains in me forever I promise.
The late Erwin Tan was sending his girlfriend back to Klang on his Motorbike when the accident happened. He collided with a Petrol Tanker. How no body knows except his girlfriend but she was too depressed to mention about it. She left the accident scratch less while the late Erwin had his head crack. He was rushed to the Klang Hospital immediately. Left in the hospital unattended for one hour he died from blood loss. He is gone…
I woke up a happy person on Tuesday morning. When I came back from lunch I found out he has passed away, I cried profusely. I kept on crying till my eyes turned red & swollen. I left work depressed & went to the service of his death. Seeing him in the casket I cried even harder than earlier on. All night I cried… now my eyes are red & very swollen. Tomorrow I am going to send him to the Nilai Cemetery.
Remembering that the last time I saw of him was on 28th April 2001 I wish I could have hugged him then. I did not even get a last hug from him. That was the greatest time ever. Knowing I have phobia on Motorbikes he kept pestering me to ride on his bike. Finally when I am willing to calm my fears of riding on his bike, he passed away on it. Now I am never going to ride on a bike ever again.
To all of you, please care for yourself for me. I am not there for you at all. I do not want to lose a friend again. Losing one to a freak accident is more than enough. No matter you are driving a car or riding a bike, please do be careful. Appreciate the one around while you can before you lose them.
I appreciated the late Erwin Tan whom is 22 this year but I felt it was not enough. I should have appreciated him more! Now he is forever gone.

May God bless his soul & care for him.


I would never have thought he would leave me… he was a great friend. I still remember there one day when I was really depressed & I mean really depressed… I was online & chatted with him. I told him that I am not happy & that I wish I had a hug from anyone at all then. He got offline telling me that he’s going out. He stays in SS2 & in less than 10 minutes he was in front of my house. He came by just to give me big tight hug. After the hug… he left… I was so touched…
Where could I find someone like him again? But then again would I want someone to replace him in my heart? No, because he has held a special place in my heart & I am never going to remove him. I even dressed all black today to grieve for him. I hope he is well at where he is now.
~ ladyviral

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