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Sunday, February 15, 2004


My computer crashed & I am now in my boyfriend's house doing this Blog. I am actually not done with reconstructing this blog site of mine but I just can't stand what has happen to me yesterday to go unheard by all. Spread it for me because I want everyone to know what has happen thank you!

Saturday, 14th February 2004

Valentine's Day... A day for love birds, loved ones, families & friends come out to spread love to each other. I had my evening all planned. Made reservations as early as Tuesday for dinner at Victoria Station, Taipan for 2 pax at 7:30pm, then go for Gothika at 9:35pm. Everything was already in place & time. No rush, No hectic. I was excited... unfortunately until the evening came...

Prepared for the evening, clean up myself, get dressed while my boyfriend is waiting for me downstairs in the living room. Was done by 6:30pm & it was till early so we sat at home for a chat. Soon we leave the house at 7:20pm to go over to Victoria Station, Taipan which was less than 2minutes away from my house with the car. Got a parking not far from the Victoria Station, took a bottle of my own red wine there as well (thought of giving my boyfriend & I a glass of red wine each & give the rest away to people celebrating there. Went up this Valet head I think, asked him is it okay if we bring in our wine & share it with everyone else? With a rude tone he said "THERE WILL BE A CORKAGE CHARGE" How rude was that? He could have said it nicely & not in an unsatisfied manner. There my night was slightly ruin by this bugger (Sorry about the pun). All right because of his rudeness & the amount of people in there, I decided not to give anyone that red wine at all. So my boyfriend brought it back to the car. So he suggested for me to go in & get our reservations. I went in & asked one of the hostesses. She said reservations are upstairs. All right since it is upstairs, I decided to wait for my boyfriend before to go up. Finally my boyfriend has come & we walked up the stairs. Guess what? There was a line to queue just to get to your reservations.

Okay so I thought it would be fast since everything is already reserved. It is after all pass 5minutes from my reservation time they will give me the table right? So my boyfriend & I waited. Finally time was ticking away & the 2 couples in front of us haven't been seated yet. What is going on? Well, it seems like reservation is like no reservation! What stupid service is this? It is already 8pm & I am still not seated yet for my 7:30pm reservation! Finally I got pissed; my boyfriend & I decided to leave. Before I leave, there were a lot of people at the entrance of the place asking for their reservations too. I told this guy that I have a reservation for 8pm that my reservation is at 7:30pm & I have not eaten yet or get a table. He face immediately changed. Then I walked out of the place freaking mad. Outside I decided to see the captain while my boyfriend has a fag outside. So I walked in back & demand for the captain in the house. One of the waiters called the captain & I told him that I have a reservation for 2 people at 7:30pm & until now I am not seated yet. He told me that I should check with the hostess upstairs. "Check with the hostess upstairs? I came from upstairs & I was left there half hour ago not entertained for my 7:30pm reservation!" I told him. Then I asked him, what is a reservation for if I do not have a table available for me at the time I reserve for? He speechless & asked one of the waitresses downstairs whether there is a table for 2. The waitress shakes her head. I raised my voice slightly & said "Excuse me. Forget it. I am already late for my other appointments because of this & I am not interested in eating here anymore!" & I stormed out of the place. While trying to get through the crowd of the entrance, I said loudly "What reservations? My reservation was at 7:30pm & they do not have a table ready for me at all." I was damn mad. In fact we weren't the only couple who left the place. A number of them left without being seated as well.

Seriously what is reservation for if I don't even get a table at the time I arrived? Could anyone define reservations for me? Please if you agree to what I said above, spread it out for me. I am sick & tired of such service with a high price. I want everyone to hear of this for it is an experience that should tell & shared! Man! Victoria Station ruined part of Valentine night.

In the end, I would rather compliment the service at reasonable priced Burger King than the costly priced Victoria Station.

I complained this to my friend & he actually asked me whether I gave them a RM50 during reservation. How funny could that get? I told my friend "If I were to need to give them money at reservation, why not they call the reservation service 'PAY DEPOSIT TO RESERVE (not refundable)' & not 'RESERVATION'."

Would I go there again for any of my dinner next time? Well I honestly would say I would & this time I am going to make reservations again & if service is still the same, I am making a scene & making them pay for my dinner!

What a Valentine? Well, at least the movie was a good movie. I give it a 3 star rating! All right the blog was meant to be a complained about Victoria Station so I shall not blog any further for I do not want to bore you people out. Hehehe?
~ ladyviral

P/S: This blog is going back underconstruction until further notice. Sorry for the anger, unwanted words & inconvenience cause. No hard feelings for this is what happened to me & I am very unhappy about it. Just want it to be heard. May all mean well & is well.

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