My whole body is aching~
- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, March 05, 2004


Life has its beginning, it has an ending. Everyone goes through that no matter what age, size or gender. Tell me are you afraid to die? Honestly, I am afraid… I am still young & there’s so much I have yet to see & do. I still want to Bungee Jump, Sky Diving, Mountain Climbing & lot more of this from where it came from. But if I were to be old & unhealthy, I honestly would say that I would rather be gone. Of course I hope by then I have done what I want & my life would be good. But then when I am old I don’t want to trouble my family members to look after me in any way at all. Don’t you think so? If I am healthy then that is a different case. But what if I am old, incapable of eating on my own, taking care of myself, even to the restroom I need help… I wish I were gone.

Also, if I am dead I rather not have people crying for me for time duration. I feel that Death isn’t sad but in fact it is something normal that everyone alive has to go through. In fact, crying wouldn’t bring the dead back alive, so is it worth all the tears & pain to cry for someone who is already dead?
But then again, I guess we are all natural human beings to have emotions that cannot be control. Like in my past entry, my friend passed away & I cried my eyes out. I guess saying all the above is stupid huh?

Anyhow, shouldn’t we treasure those around us while we can? I did not really appreciate the late Erwin until it was too late. I have learned from my past & that was a lesson to learn. Today I appreciate every friend of mine & of course I try not to make any enemies in anyway at all. So please do treasure anyone at all in your life. You will never know when they would be gone & never coming back. Love someone; go tell them that you love him/her. Not to forget your parents, your siblings & friends.

Today, I am going to tell all of you that I treasure you all & that I appreciate you all for whatever you all have done. I LOVE YOU ALL! MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU… Take care!

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