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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, September 20, 2010

It was a good night...

Irodori Japanese Restaurant in Riverview Hotel Singapore.

Ala-Carte Buffet for S$33.00per pax.

Japanese Dolls at the entrance.

Oh I love these dolls they look so elegant and I like their cloths, so detailed, gorgeously stunning.

Time for us to roll in.

We placed our order; while we waited I decided to take some pictures.

The light above us;

The wasabi on the table smashed up by hubs haha!

Slowly the flow of the food came.
Complimentary Appetizer – Tomato in Special Sauce.
I am usually not a tomato fan, but this one sure made me eating. The tomato was sweet, and the special sauce brings out the tomato sweetness more.

Complimentary Appetizer – Tofu Salada.
Fresh tofu with cucumber and tempura bits with their special sauce. Tofu smooth sweet and the tempura bits blend really nice with it. When I put the tofu in my mouth it felt like it was melting inside... oh that sounded divine hehe.

Complimentary Soup.

Our order came;
The bundle of Sashimis.
Never fail to order Mekajiki and Sake Sashimi. Of course comparing to Ikoi where I went with my gamer friends last year in which I prefer because it was sweeter. This one fresh but slightly bland. Despite that, I still ordered more... I am a sucker for mekajiki.

Salmon Skin Temaki.
Crispy Salmon Skin wrapped in crispy fresh seaweed. Crunchy cucumber... oh what more can you more?

Cheesebaked Crayfish.
Another complimentary dish. The cheese was covering up the sweetness of the crayfish, but they cooked the crayfish well. Not too cooked not too raw. It was good.

California Maki & Salmon Maki.

Ebi Tempura.
The prawn was sweet but the batter too thick. I still like those from Ikoi.

Another Tofu Salada.
This one is covered in their special sauce with sprinkles of peanuts.

Chicken Yakitori.

Fried Gyoza.

Gyuniku Enoki Roll.
This picture is so blur... Too hungry I supposed :p.

Unagi and Tako Sushi.

Yasai Tempura.

This one was a good chawanmushi. The egg tender was firm yet soft. The soup in the chawanmushi was tasty yummy~

Hubs and I have sake as well. The bottle was a cute one.
Look a hole in the middle for the ice to keep the sake chilled.

The cup of sake.

Hubs and I enjoyed ourselves that night. The food comparing to Ikoi, we both prefer Ikoi. But nevertheless, we still had a great night in Irodori.

Probably because it is not everywhere I can get Mekajiki in the buffet list and I had alot that night in Irodori. Hehe~

What is your favourite dish when it comes to Japanese food? Would you get lots of it if it is in the buffet list?


reanaclaire said...

hi LV... for $33, it is worth it.. actually im not in japanese food, once awhile i go bec of my girl, she simply loves anything japanese..

lina said...

Wah! So siok! Eat Japanese food. :)

The price is good too.

lina said...

Love the ningyous (dolls). They are so lovely. :)

lina said...

the gyuniku enoki roll - you were too excited to eat them, right? :D

Life Ramblings said...

what a splendid spread. you're making me so hungry now LV.

levian said...

unagi n salmon skin! ahhhhhh! unagi definitely rate first in my list. if not for the price, i would soooo love to stop by japanese restaurants more often. :p

Kelvin said...

Look at all those sashimi *slurps*

I go get some tissues~

fufu said...

oh... i miss unagi the most!!!! those dolls can be very expensive...approx. S$500 for a small one...

smallkucing said...

Nice template

My mum love thise Japanese dolls

foongpc said...

Wah!! So nice!! Drooling....

foongpc said...

Those Jap dolls look nice! U didn't steal one? LOL!

foongpc said...

I love unagi and will eat lots of it for buffet!!!

ladyviral said...

reanaclaire : She haven't started dressing like japanese yet right? :p

ladyviral said...

lina : Hahaha! Oh I love Japanese food... so yes... must eat :p.

Oh so that is what that dolls are called. Ningyous. I would probably forget it in 5mins haha!

Yes Iw as too hungry! Too excited to eat Gyuniku Enoki Roll haha!

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : Ooops. but I succeeded in making myself hungry too! haha!

ladyviral said...

levian : Omg! Then you would love if you live in Singapore. $33 compared to RM68 o.o or more! eeeps!

ladyviral said...

Kelvin : You will need more tissues soon :p.

ladyviral said...

fufu : Looks there is a lot of unagi fan o.O I on the other hand not much of an unagi fan.

Omg! so expensive? Wow... must be those handsewn clothes!

ladyviral said...

Kucing : I love them dolls too. sadly so costly T_T

ladyviral said...

foongpc : We need to come out for it one day and you can have my unagi share! Remember lina too! haha!

Steal one? In Singapore... I don't want to pay in behind bars T___T.

Ben said...

I like the colorful creative signboard at the entrance. Most japanese restaurant I came across usually used conservative color and design for the signboard. The japanese dolls and ceiling light look cute :)

Gabriel said...

the dools look really nice! should buy some for collections. haha..

ladyviral said...

Ben : The outside is to attract customers :p. Inside after, usually they keep it conservative and more japanese like. hehe~

ladyviral said...

Gabriel : They are indeed! But so expensive T___T

Ayie said...

reminds me of my japanese bento last week, yummy!