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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Farewell Dinner #3 (Part 2) : Full House

I have held you all long enough now haha! As mentioned in my previous post of Farewell Dinner #3 at Full House.

We finally ordered our food.

Here’s the menu cover.
Cute; it is like a comic looking book.
Here are the drinks; they all cost RM7.90 each.

Mango Milkshake
I didn’t know it was Pearl Tea drink... I thought it would be foamy milkshake haha.

Vanilla + Passion fruit Ice Blended
This tasted a lot like vanilla more than passion fruit. But I would say... it was quite tasty.

Honeydew Milkshake
This one was kind of bland. Honeydew wasn’t strong enough. Especially after the ice melted...

I ordered an appetizer too. Sweet Water Prawns Salad; RM9.90
This was too expensive for 3 prawns and a bundle of salad and the dressing was not evenly spread which I was very disappointed with it.

Deep Soft Shell Crab; Cost RM10.90
My friend never fail to order this if there is this dish in the menu! It was good, crispy and of course as usual my friend would finish it off before I could even eat more of it haha! But it is okay, I am nice like that ;).

Forest Mushroom Soup; Cost RM8.90
This was sweet somehow instead of tasting like mushroom. I didn’t quite enjoy it.

My friend’s Chicken Chop; Cost RM16.90
Was juicy and full of taste and this is one good chicken chop. Of course quite costly for it. One piece of flatten chicken drumstick / thigh, some mash potato, and a few “pak choy”... hmmm.

Pan-Sear Dory Fish; Cost RM14.90
Ordered by a pregnant woman, I wonder how she was full from it. Two small pieces of dory fish covered in creamy lemon grass sauce, and some vegetables. It tasted very good, but just too little.

Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chop; Cost RM28.90
Of course this is my; oh this came in three pieces of slab lamb chops. Juicy, gamey and each piece have a line of fat on it. Served with mash potato, carrots and “pak choy”; the vegetable and carrot were hard and bitter. I didn’t eat it... but the mash potato is good for it was creamy and soft; not to be missed.

After our main courses, who could resist not ordering any desserts right?
So we chose Tiramisu;
Oh the Tiramisu was good, for those who don’t enjoy coffee too much; this one in Full House sure will suit for you for it is I believe more cheese than coffee. But mind you, I did not taste much cheese too, so you don’t have to worry about it being too cheesy.

and Chocolate Brownie served with Hot Vanilla Ice Cream.
Chocolate Brownie was too sweet so it wasn’t much of my taste, but I finished off the ice cream haha!

Then of course I got bored while I was too tired to talk to my friends... I took a shot of these stirrers of our drinks.

Cute stirrers don’t you say? Hehe.

Well, this ends my posting of Full House. I will get my Farewell dinner that was put together from my company up soon :). Do stay tuned!

This is a scheduled post :).


Kelvin said...

Is tat a mango pearl tea?
And the soft shell crab looks damn crunchy^^

wenn said...

wow, all so delicious!

reanaclaire said...

1stly, the menu is special, yes.. so family like story book, 2ndly, prices are not too expensive as i tot they would be, but then the food portion small hor? No wonder must order desserts... ok looking forward to seeing your new company..

smallkucing said...

I think i would love the mango drink and the soft shell crab. So delicious looking

suituapui said...

Food looks good...not too expensive. Hmmm...hope to go and try some day. Dunno got anybody wanna bring me or not...

pikey said...

I've been there a few times and I love their dory and chicken chops... yummy~

Pete said...

Lamb chop....mmmm Lamb chop....gonna dream of lamb chop tonight!

Rose Belle said...

The foods look great. I especially liked the passion fruit shake. The milk looks like coconut and so I thought it was until I read your description. I love tiramisu cake but have never tasted one that's made out of cheese, only cream. I can see why this restaurant receives so much praises.

lina said...

can take home the stirrer or not?

I'm tempted to nick them if I eat there. So cute! :D

Ayie said...

the drinks are so nicely done and the foods made me stare a bit more, looks so appetizing!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Nyummy to Tummy.

molly said...

Nice place, interesting drinks and food. Pass by there yesterday but didnt feel like going in alone. Must go gather my kampongites to go with me.

lechua said...

ooh i din know there were so many fullhouse outlets.. i just went to the one on jln yap kwan seng in town 2 weeks ago... thought it was a pretty cool concept and impressed with the creativity of the menu. & the stairs was alot better at yap kwan seng ;).

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

pink+purple dollar said...

not surprising to see soft shell crab eh.. lol... always there without fail...

btw, she said she lost appetite since eating for 2.. hahah.. somewhat cost effective also..

sorry i wasn't there.. really couldn't join but next time when you're back and if you wanna go, we go okie?

love you darling..

Dorothy said...

My first visit here and you have a great blog love the post about the restaurant great photos presentation of food looks beautiful.

Dorothy from grammology

renaye said...

ah. this restaurant attracted me in sunway pyramid. however i'm not that attracted to the menu and their set lunch is very expensive!