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Monday, April 05, 2010

Farewel Dinner #3 (Part 1) : Fullhouse

It took me forever to come out with this post. Thousand apologies. I have been so tied up with work and all... oh and work is another story totally. I can't wait for me to be able to write on that :P. You all will hear on it :P.

Anyway coming back to this;

My friend has been bugging me since she found out about the restaurant Fullhouse.
She said the place is really nice... and all. Then I saw one in Sunway Pyramid. They did a concept that was picked from a Korean Drama. So we never patronize the one in Sunway Pyramid, my friend insist to go to the one at Ara Damansara. I was hesitant at first, thinking why the need to go so far... especially when I spent the whole day of 5th March 2010, Friday doing all my things in which I was up since 8am and spending the whole afternoon accompanying my mom to the hospital.

Well, eventually my friend still insists on going to the Fullhouse in Ara Damansara telling me it is a much nicer view. So I slept in the car while we journeyed there and my other two friends chit-chatting all the way there.

We have arrived at the destination.
The exterior from outside.
Oh it is indeed nice! Compared to an only one floor in Sunway Pyramid, this one in Ara Damansara took the whole unit from bottom to top.

Love Birds.
Dining with the birds... hmmm.

A Mini Cooper parked right out front of the entrance.
Guess this is the car that was used in the Korean Drama. Of course this car was a mimic. But I think they used a REAL Mini Cooper for this decor. Least I think it is.

Greeted by flowers at the entrance.
Slightly on the dark side hehe. Lousy photographer... was me :P.

A Chandelier.
I couldn’t resist not taking this shot; such a beautiful chandelier.

These items are for sale o.o

There are RabiCat figurines;

Miniature thingys;

And this beautiful musical box.

That I cannot resist but record a video of it.
Well, it is named Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe. So they are selling things that promote Korea and the show I guess.

Here’s the living room and dining room area in the house. Such a cosy place huh?
Closer view of their dining table; it is gorgeous.

My friends and I went up the stairs to take a look. I took this shot of the stairs.
It was narrow and gray... reminds me of a stairway to a haunted place. Haha! What do you think?

Reaching upstairs, we are greeted by these decors.
Somehow makes me get the feeling of a very classic house to be in.

Bedroom and bathroom area.

Here’s the bed on the side angle and front angle showing the items for sale displayed on the bed.
Got to admit this bed looks so cosy, at that point of time; I was exhausted! I wanted to crash right into it. If it wasn’t the items there, I would of fallen asleep right there but then again, the bed was too small for my height haha.

Bathroom at a closer view.
Little petite bathtub...

There is another dining table upstairs too.
Hmm... different people staying upstairs and downstairs? Anyone seen the Korean Drama named Fullhouse (I think :P) to know?

Of course more of these cages around the places.

Hmmm... No display of free birds? :P

This was the crowd upstairs. It was packed.

The waiters and waitresses are dressed as chefs and maids. I managed to get a picture of one of the “maids”.
Posing for me too :P (her face is blurred for her privacy reasons).

This is a decor plant on the table...

Looks like the money plant. But it is plastic.

Soon we finally ordered our food.... that I shall leave it for the next post :P. Stay tuned for it! The food are really eye candies!

This is a scheduled post :).


Kelvin said...

Food~ Never expect photos of food will be in the next post when i saw the title~

reanaclaire said...

wow..looks like a home more than a restaurant, right? very nice ambience...

wenn said...

wow, nice, hvn't been there.

Tekkaus said... full house in Damansara is the whole house? :D Wow...and it resembles the Korean movie Full house?

Tekkaus said...

So many beautiful deco in it. :D How come not many people?

Rose Belle said...

I used to watch this show called (surprise surprise) FullHouse when I was growing up. Anyhoo, that was off topic. This restaurant looks like you're eating at someone's house. How different from any other restaurants I've ever seen! The staircase is a bit off from the the rest of the place. Wow and lovebirds too?? I've never seen lovebirds in person before. Hope you had a great time there :)

eugene said...

All i can say is,, this is just damn NICE.............. but the name sounds a bit weird for a restuarant, does'nt it hahahahah.

you have a great week ahead ya

suituapui said...

I've seen this in a number of blogs a year or so ago. Haven't heard of it since. Looks like it's doing very well... Wonder if anybody will take me there someday. No posts on Singapore yet?

molly said...

Is new to me!

iamthewitch said...

Heard of this place many times but have never been there before! Ahh I must go there soon!! :)

smallkucing said...

:( I cant go there

Sure my kid will tear down the place :(

Pete said...

Hah, I remembered this place, especially the mini cooper! LOL!

lina said...

Nice house, but not similar to the Fullhouse's housepiep that Rain starred in. :D

Ben said...

I think I'm confuse whether the place is a restaurant, boutique, house??? ;) Very unique concept and I'll surely take more time photos around the dining there :D

fufu said...

wow the car is still there... lol but the food was bad >< wonder had they changed the chef?

Ayie said...

hey dear, i watched full house! i like that place too where you had your farewell dinner, so cozy!

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