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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Singapore Christmas Decorations #2

Yes I know I am VERY OUTDATED on Christmas post! Please forgive me for I have been busy right after Christmas and was on a break to settle my work. Of course I am not fully back but it is Chinese New Year now! So I will be posting some! But to be honest, from today probably for a week or more are scheduled post. Why? Well, because I will be away this Chinese New Year.

So coming back to the reason of this post :P. Christmas Decorations in Singapore!

On the same night after taking all the lights at Orchard Town, I went to search for falling snow made out of ice (so I was told). I was really excited! Of course but it was late when we arrived, so the snowfall was LONG over.

But to my horror! Hubs and I found this!
Gasps bubbles o_o! So the snowfall made of ice was wrong… it is actually bubbles too! I was teasing hubs for giving me the wrong information; he said “I didn’t know too! I thought it was ice!” haha! Poor hubs :P.

So this is the place where “snow” falls.
Blurry picture… people kept walking around; I had to take a fast shot out of it.

Christmas tree?
I don’t know, I thought it was a monster attack tree at first :P.

Gingerbread house (maybe?)
The reds are ginger, the bread as roof? Hahaha! So I think it is :P.

Huge Sundae!
Now if only the cone was edible if a real sundae cone looks like that. A sundae cup maybe? Hmmm.

Another Gingerbread house!
This one looks so cozy.

Ooooh. More Gingerbread house!
This Gingerbread has a car! Wow!
All this things are made out of recycled items. Looks like they really promote ECO friendly.

And this ends the “snow” fall place.

The next evening, hubs and I went to Plaza Singapura to meet up our friends for dinner.
Right in front of Plaza Singapura was a lot of statues.

I believe all this was telling stories of Christmas. The full story, I am not sure about… hehe :P.

After I managed to finish taking shots of the statues, all of us went for food court type Korean Food.
The fish
The yummiest of all three we ordered! I loved it and want more haha!

The Beef
This was kind of bland… but the sauce is good! Taste very genuine Korean beef.

The Chicken (I think o.O hubs couldn’t remember either)
This one is totally bland! Now I think I know why I don’t remember if it was chicken or whatnot haha! All this was cheap, if I remember correctly... it was for SGD6.00 a set. Can't recall really haha :P.

On the journey back to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT, we passed by the Sultan’s Park (or something like that haha!) This was a grand shiny thing I saw!
I couldn’t resist not taking a picture of it.

This ends my post for Singapore Christmas Decorations. Now, lets hope I come back with Chinese New Year ones :P.


lina said...

First! :)

lina said...

Wah! So envy you ate Korean food.

lina said...

All the decorations were very noce, LV.
CNY deco should be just as awesome, no? :)

suituapui said...

Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you and your family!

Kelvin said...

haha, many ppl thought its made of ice too:D

wenn said...

lovely deco!

fufu said...

xin nian kuai le and happy valentie's day ya

Tekkaus said...

Bread roof? indeed very cute ler. Ice cream tower? ha :D

Anyway happy Chinese New Year to you LV. :D