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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Singapore Christmas Decorations #1

Hi everyone!

I am back for now! Missed me? I miss myself hahaha! Kidding kidding… I miss all of you! But again I am not fully back yet. Things in my life is going through a huge change. I will tell you all about it later.

But today’s post is about Christmas decorations in Singapore! Oh I should be posting about Chinese New Year, I know I know! But I was too busy… so this one comes out now haha! There are a lot of pictures in this post… don’t say I didn’t warn you :P.

Singapore’s Christmas decorations was based on the Icicle Theme, least that is what hubs told me. What I will show you is in Orchard Town.

Red Balls of colors and tubes with falling effects of icicles melting.
I know it is hard to see the effect in still pictures.

Different Angles of the decoration.

Look at the crowd at Orchard!
It is like everyone is waiting for something to happen.

This is the blue decorations.

A snowman décor to represent the blue.
Did you notice the red one was a Santa? Scroll up and take a look again if you didn’t (I didn’t take a closer view of Santa).

Here’s a video for you to see the effects of the Icicle Theme.
See I never forget to take a video of it :P.

Christmas Tree right outside Singapore’s biggest Shopping Mall now, Ion Orchard.

The inside of the Christmas tree.

Looks like Ion Orchard has a lot of things happening.
Maybe the crowd we saw earlier was waiting for that?

The decoration along the shops of Ion Orchard.

I didn’t managed to find the centre area… maybe it would look better.

Stumble upon their directory board.
Hubs played with it while I took the video :P.

Walking down Orchard Road, I saw this.
Big shopping bag!

Reindeers with presents!
This was on the main road.

Big eyed Rudolph!
The whole decoration from a far. 
Snowman statues going round and round.
I love this décor, but it would of be even more fascinating with music like as though the snowmen were playing them right?

Isetan’s Décor.

The poor lights at the entrance… burnt out…

Well, better let me end this before I make this even more longer haha! I went to see snowfall in Singapore…. Stay tune for it!


Tekkaus said...

Yay! I am the first commenter. Ha :D

Tekkaus said...

Wow...those dangling balls are really gorgeous. :) But Christmas is over now LV.

Show us CNY. :D

Anonymous said...

Happy CNY! :)

Anonymous said...

Ya...haven't seen you around for ages. Christmas? Chinese New Year already lor! LOL!!! I always loved Orchard Road every Christmas...but now too expensive, can't afford to go there anymore.

Shingo T said...

Welcome and Happy Chinese New Year in advance! ^_^

And more photos.

lina said...

Haiya LV! So bakcdated! :D

Lovely lights, BTW

Kelvin said...

Orchard road has the most christmas feel in SG:)

lina said...

So when can we see your pre-CNY photos after this? XD

wenn said...

happy cny!

Ayie said...

I am very happy for the upcoming changes...enjoy every second of it. COngratulations! I got your sms dear! sorry never had the chance to reply... you can take a peek on jif pj also to see my little one =)

ladyviral said...

Tekkaus : Wa wa! Congrats on being first!

Yeah lor hahaha! I promised you all pictures of Christmas mar! Since I was busy, I post now lor hahaha!

ladyviral said...

Mei Teng : Gong Xi Fa Cai!

ladyviral said...

suituapui : Yea... been busy and took a break :P.

It is lively yes... but this year's decorations really isn't somthing to shout about... it all looked the same eventually.

ladyviral said...

Shingo : Gong Xi Fa Cai too!

Yea... sadly not fully back yet until I settle the life changing.

ladyviral said...

lina : Yea so outdated yea?! :/ Had no choice... I was busy to my head! When I had a break... I was enjoying it to the max haha!

Pre-Cny photos? Ar... need to wait... I haven't go Singapore to travel yet :P.

ladyviral said...

Kelvin : Oh yes it does, Kelvin. I believed you are Singaporean too right?

ladyviral said...

wenn : Hi Wenn! Happy CNY to you too!

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Thanks alot, Ayie! I saw your little one! I had to peek! Eventually, I did managed to blog hop, just didn't have time for all or leave comments... Little one is adorable! Looks like daddy in my opinion.

Life Ramblings said...

Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's day.

Rose Belle said...

Hi! How's it going for you? I think the Christmas decorations were nicely done. My city didn't have ANY decorations in the streets. Wait, I think only one big round tree in the park had Christmas lights on but other than that, we didn't have anything fancy. The malls weren't even overly decorated last year. How sad!