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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Award - Honest Scrap

I was awarded by cherie - This side of Town with the “Honest Scrap” Award. You can check her post out : Honest Scrap.

The rules to this award is as follows :
Rule number One – List 10 honest things about yourself
Rule number Two – Pass it on to 7 people (don’t let it stop aye, let the honesty circle keep going :P)

Here are ten honest things about me.

1) I love to eat instant noodles with half-cooked egg in it; you know the egg yolk being slightly cooked on the external but runny on the inside when you bite on it.

2) I love dogs a lot especially Alaskan Malamutes.

3) When I was age 13-15, I was a tomboy. Of course no short hair and walking around like macho man, was only talking like boy and well, act like one (my mom wanted a son when she had me :P).

4) I love Pringles Sour Cream and Onion flavor chips! I can finish it the whole can in one hour. Gasps!

5) I am afraid of cockroaches… used to torture them when I was young, and one day when I was age 5 or so, I showered and ran around my room naked (all kids does! Hahaha!) and a cockroach fell on my body! Ever since then I have been afraid of them, maybe they are taking their revenge now. Eeep!

6) I am a huge C.S.I. Series fan! I would watch all their series if I could, but guess not since my family hogs the television and I never really get the chance to be watching it unless it is something they are watching.

7) I love Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, and the best actor I love… Sean Connery!

8) I am a gamer chick. I love games and can play every so often and even forget to eat sometimes just playing games… Maybe that is why I was slimmer back then compared to now. Now my fiancé keeps asking me to go eat :P.

9) I have a very bad tendency of peeling at my scars. You know those dead skin scars that whenever you run your finger over it there is this rough patch of thing there and you just can’t resist to peel it? Yea those kind of scars.

10) Oh wow! Look finally number 10! This final one be what I am going to say that it really took me so long to think of what honest things about to let you all know… well, since I lie so much! Hahaha… kidding kidding. But seriously, took me very long to think of what to list down because I need to keep some mystery in me :P.

With this I give this award to (I decided to pass it on to more people for more things to read hee~) :

1) lina
2) foongpc
3) Ayie
4) Rintakase
5) Reanaclaire
6) Faisal Admar
7) Life Ramblings
8) ~dolly~
9) Tekkaus
10) Pikey
11) Eugene

To those who are not in the list, it isn't that you are not awarded... I just can't think of tagging you :P because I do know some of you dislike doing tags hehehe.

Have fun doing this "Honest Scrap"!


[SK] said...

1) .. and when the runny yolk infused into the boiling soup, yummy~~

[SK] said...

4) OMG, one whole can of pringles in an hour?? i will never do that, but i can finished up a packet of biscuit in one shot, haha!!

[SK] said...

7) ooopsss, now that i know you love old man~~ kekeke :D

ladyviral said...

SK : Yea I know the egg yummy.. but I usually just take my while it is whole and it breaks in my mouth :P.

Yea Pringles in one hour! I am that crazy for it...

Ooops... old man... What cha thinking eh? :P

Pete said...

Tomboy picture...can show ah? sure very cute leh! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love eggs served sunny side up! :)

William said...

Very interesting list! Thanks for being honest.... actually I shared or even my children shared quite a few similarities!

~dolly~ said...

oh... i am in your tag list huh..
really hard to think about random honest things about me leh..
[coz i lied too much too.. HAHAHHA]
okok.. hahaha..
would work on it, erm... next Monday.. is that ok?

яіи†akase said...

LOL at the 5.) :x

8.) What games? O__O

9.) Me too ): That's why I have scars all over my legs.. ):

Hoh.. I'll do this tomorrow morning :x Thanks (:

kenwooi said...

9) it's not good! haha.. =P

TZ said...

I'm a CSI fans too... :p

Tekkaus said... many honest things about yourself huh! :) Anyway thanks for passing the award to me.

Hey, I like half-boiled egg too. :D

ladyviral said...

Pete : Tomboy picture to show? Er.... *shy*.

Ok ok I actually don't have any hahaha. Young and poor family we don't have a camera. The only time I had a short hairstyle with picture taken was when I had my I/C made. But that one long time changed :P.

ladyviral said...

Mei Teng : Oh I love Sunny Side Up Eggs too! yummy!

lina said...

wawawa... saw my name there! :D

lina said...

#4 - my favourite too. I can finish a can all by myself. Eat until muak! :D

ladyviral said...

William : Quite common I guess. What similarities do you and your kids share with me? :P

ladyviral said...

~dolly~ : Waaa you're like me! Lie too much ar? ahahaha :P

Anytime also can.. no need to be so soon ;).

ladyviral said...

Rin : hehehe :P. Looks like a number of people enjoys peeling at the scars too!

ladyviral said...

kenwooi : Hahaha! Yea! I know! Do you do the same? :P

ladyviral said...

TZ : CSI for the win! \o/

ladyviral said...

Tekkaus : I am honest mar *halo above head* :P.

I like my yolks runny! Yum yum yum!

ladyviral said...

lina : Yep your name is there! You are tag! :P

Waaa I got another accomplice of Pringles "finisher"! Yum yum! Muak hahha... I know how that feels, at a certain period you just feel like "oh so enough of Pringles" but then in a short while you feel like it isn't enough haha.

Tes said...

Congratulations Ladyviral! Wonderful award! :)

Thank you for dropping by my site! Mwa!

ladyviral said...

Tes : Hi there~ Thank you :).

Thank you too for coming by here.

cherie said...

LV, i thank you for always thinking of me, and checking on me, esp. in these times. i hope you are well and keeping well. you be safe, sweetie. know that i pray for you always. hugs.

ladyviral said...

cherie : There is no need to thank. Though I do need to thank you for being my friend. May everything be well.

Do take cares and be safe too, dear.

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Ding dong~ ding dong~ Ur in my blog link..Linked you..hehehhehe!!

Sigh~ I guess I lie to much, So I'm not in your list..kakakakakk!!

ladyviral said...

~Elaine Tam~ : Doraemon! :P

Thanks for linking me ^-^. I got you linked up too hehe.

Aiyar no no no... I don't know if you would enjoy doing this mar :P. Those that are in my list, would do them I supposed hehe... so don't think you lie too much cause I definitely didn't say that ;).

Faisal Admar said...

alamak. why i can't copy?? :(

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Nice to know about honest things about you :) And congrats.

Photos from Kas Plateau

ladyviral said...

Faisal : I got the highlight thing disable o_o... but why wanna copy? o_O Go to cherie's post and copy :P. Sorry yea, I wanna remove that function but I can't find the code now hehe =x

ladyviral said...

Bhavesh : Thank you so much! hehe~

eugene said...

One thing for sure, i like what you like in the instance of Sean Connery and instant noodle of half boiled egg,, emmmmmmm love that.

Hey you got your tomboy photo,(i mean while you were small) can show show or not,,,, love to see how this tom boy changed to ladyviral,,,hahahah.

hey again, the weekend is here, be honest to yourself,go enjoy tonight,ya?

take care now,,

sorry, very sorry,i dont like tag, but i appreciate it that you nominated me,,, really really appreciate it one

ladyviral said...

Eugene : Oooh looks like a similarity there :D.

Why you want to see my tomboy photo? hahaha... but sorry to say, I don't have any of my tomboy looks taken except when I was making my I/C but that I/C is long returned to the government.

Yep weekend again, time to replenish the energy lost again! hahaha.

Oh no worries about doing the tag :). No force... I tag doesn't mean it is a must do. But do safe the award ok? Would be nice to see it on your blog ^-^.

Life Ramblings said...

congrats on the award and thanks for thinking of me too. hugs.

infact, i passed u some awards last month too. to refresh your memory, here's the link:

Life Ramblings said...

i used to be a fan of Richard Gere. i especially enjoyed watching him in Pretty Woman. :)

and i think he's one of the sexiest guy alive.

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : You're welcome!

Eeeep! you did alright, I haen't retrieve them yet... oops so sorry. I had this post typed out for some time now and never came to posting it haha... ok ok :P I should go get the awards you awarded me now so I won't overlook.

Thanks for the awards again!

Oh yes Richard Gere is. Though I like Sean Connery more ;). I especially like his sophisicated voice.

reanaclaire said...

hello LV, baru i nampak tag ini.. ok, i will do it one of these days.. today, really cannot..surrender.. very tired, just back from KL.. it will be in one of my blogs... now i m thinking what 10 things to write.. hahaa...

foongpc said...

Thanks for the award! What?! Must write 10 honest things about myself? Can they be half honest? : )

foongpc said...

I know, I know! I've thought of the first one oredy!

1. I am an honest person.

Haha! : D

foongpc said...

I love half cooked egg too! But I heard they said it's not safe to eat half cooked egg.

I hate cockroaches! I must kill when I see one!

foongpc said...

Oh! Taking a hint from your no.7, I know what to add for my own list. I shall replace Richard Gere, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery with Mariah Carey! hahaha!

ladyviral said...

reanaclaire : Take your time... how was your KL trip? I thought you would be in KL longer can go meet you :P. Hehehe...

ladyviral said...

foongpc : Half honest? Sure! It is still honesty :P. Just not fully hehe.

That is one good first one! Hahaha!

Oh I know the Samolena Bacteria thing (I think I spelled it right haha). But, I thought Omega Eggs now are all good? :s

Cockroach? I see them, I run from them! I am afraid! Dead one also I hate eeeeee!

Hahaha! It doesn't have to be like my :P. But I guess we all know you like Mariah Carey! :P

maricar said...

hello ladyviral!

thank you for dropping by in Salitype and leaving a comment, same here i love Richard Gere and Sean Connery too...

just me,


Ayie said...

i alsogot this and thanks for awarding it to me too

ladyviral said...

Maricar : you're welcome and here I thank you for dropping my blog and commenting hehehe~

Oh looks likew e got a similarity there! <3

I added you to my blogroll if you don't mind ;).

ladyviral said...

Ayie : You're welcome! Glad to know you got twice the Honest Scrap :P.