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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Internet!

My office internet, STREAMYX, died at 1300hours, Wednesday, 12th August 2009;

Called TMnet to check on the problem; A lady (we shall name her R) took my call. As usual the basic troubleshooting is being asked to be done. She asked me a few questions; where one she was like repeating it and not letting ask anything!

R: How much PC is connected to the internet?
Me: Wh… (Interrupted by her with a repeating question)
R: How much PC is connected to the internet?
Me: Er about ten..
R: BERAPA PC SAMBUNG KEPADA INTERNET? (she shouted repeating the same question!)
Me: SEPULUH-LAH PEKAK! (and so I shouted TEN-LAH, DEAF!)


Like what the hell? Let me speak before you shout! Sheesh…

How long does it take for them to come and take a look at the problem?
R: 2 working days.
Me: This internet is being use in an office and because the internet is dead, means my whole company’s internet is down.
R: Apa lubang? (what hole?)
Me: (started to get annoyed) this is a corporate, all pc in the company is connected to this internet, so since the internet is out, means it is affecting out business! So can you send someone over today?
R: It is 2 working days.
Me: You want to bare the lost of our business?
R: I try to send technician over.

Notice the “I try” means 2 working days… Geez! At the moment, of typing this in a Microsoft Word with no internet; annoyed, with a mind that isn’t letting me work because I am pissed… Can’t they even hire better Customer Service? I am 100% sure I press 2 for ENGLISH but I was transfer to one who “speaks” English but doesn’t understand English? What a joke!
Picture courtesy of Sock Monkey Princess

Why is our internet world being conquered by a company called TELEKOM and with millions or even billions of customers they are still not improving? If you can’t commit to the demands of your customers, don’t conquer the service, let other service provider in, that might show you that you need to buck up! Oh wait maybe that is why they don’t allowed other service provider in, because they are afraid!

When this is posted means the internet is back up. Yippee!


Anonymous said...

I have my share of frustrating moments with those blokes from TM. Like you, I seriously believe they should buck up.

One time, I called up a bookstore to enquire about a book I ordered. The person on the other line doesn't seem to understand English. I got frustrated and asked to speak to the supervisor instead. The company should hire people who are at least competent in simple English to be able to deal with customers. Imagine if you speak on one language but not English. How are you going to deal with customers when the majority of the books stocked are in English or if you have Caucasian customers??!

pikey said...

Glad everything is working out well.

foongpc said...

Oh, lucky you get your internet working again! If not, I think you will scream at TM. Haha!

foongpc said...

Yeah, their services suck big time. Too bad they are monopolizing, it just makes them lazy and not keen to improve!

foongpc said...

I hate it when they say they "try" to send technician over. It just means they are not very serious about sending a technician over!

simplebeauty said...

Dear Ladyviral,

Thank you very much for coming by my blog and leaving a comment.

May God bless you this day.


ladyviral said...

Mei Teng : And do you believe they are the best broadband provider? Pffft!

A bookstore that is filled with English books that has an assistant that doesn't understand English? Classic! Only happens in Malaysia! I remembered I have encounter that before too, the best was the sales assistant that assisted me, actually acted like she understood me! Then bring me the wrong book hahaha!

ladyviral said...

Pikey : Yep I am glad too! Seems like it was the power trip at where the port area was that caused our internet to die. Opps :P.

sunnymama said...

Glad the internet is back up now! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments :)

sunnymama said...

Oh, and I like your blog, I'm following now :)

ladyviral said...

foongpc : Yea! sucky service! I wouldn't of been so pissed if that lady didn't kept interrupting me or shouted at me. Grrrr...

Yes they are monopolizing the service! Yet not bucking up! How upsetting to know they are like that... pfft!

ladyviral said...

simplebeauty : Hi there, Simple Beauty. Thak you for coming by my blog and commenting too. Thank you for the wishes. May God bless you too :).

ladyviral said...

sunnymama : Hi, sunnymama. Welcome to my humble blog.

Oh comparing to yours, I love your blog way more!

Thank you for dropping by here and commenting. Oh and thank you for following my blog~

Ayie said...

looks like you guys there are having prob with that streamyx

it's annoying and really frustrates me when there's no internet

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Yea it does me too! I can't surf the net, can't do anything... gosh!

Lately, the internet been slow because of the cable breakage in HK or something.

Life Ramblings said...

Awwwww, Streamyx is driving my up the wall. at times, the internet line got disconnected for almost half a day leaving me in misery. :(

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : Tell me about it... I have once encountered a few days without internet, and they dare blamed my modem! Finally sending a technician over to find out the cable at the port, melted... I swear during then, I was having internet withdrawal symptoms haha.

coolingstar9 said...

Good customer service can make the difference. It will surely retain customers.
What you had encountered was the example of bad customer service.
She needed to listen to you attentively and shold not always repeat the same question again.
Perhaps the company should sent their employes for the training course like " I am the different "
Thanks for sharing, I now realise how important is the excellent customer service.
Have the nice day.

Ayie said...

oh is see...hope things go well now

ladyviral said...

coolingstar : Good customer service will provide the best out of your service and in fact will prevent customers from screaming their heads off.

I always tell my colleagues the same. But I wonder if it is the Malaysian mind set... They just have that "Tidak apa" attitude.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : dreaded it... the internet been disconnecting faster and more frequently now... lousy isp!

Pete said...

Luckily, there is no 'press 3' for sign language.....ha ha ha!

ladyviral said...

Pete : haha press 3 for sign language... if that really does happen... the world have changed. Phones can see each other like 3G.