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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Singapore Trip - Moo Heaven!

Here we go! (Took me a month before I managed to come out with this entry haha. Sorry!)

6th June 2009;

My fiancé and I went to Toa Payoh, Lorong 4 Block 95.This is where I found heaven! Moo Heaven!

Exterior of the place of where we are going.Don’t be put off by the ambience. There’s no air-conditioning only fans (be sure not to dress too fancy or thick), small place lack of seating place. Not a fancy place but food is yummy!

Tim’s Restaurant & Café.This is where we are headed to. This place serves Western, Seafood and Nepalese cuisine. Of course I have not tried their Napelese food yet nor much of the seafood. Ate their Oysters once… oooh it was scrumptious! I was told that the owner of the place, Tim used to work in a Hotel as a chef, came out to start a business of his own. He only manages the place now only, but I read somewhere he bakes the desserts himself. The service isn’t all bad, for a kopitiam style place, they serve you like you’re in a hotel, they speak English to you, come by once in a while and ask if the food is good, except for that one lady from China, a few times I was there, she didn’t place the plate on our table properly instead she like kind of fling it and she keeps speaking Mandarin to you even when you speak English to her (mind you, I don’t know how to speak or listen to Mandarin). Here is a link about Tim's Restaurant & Cafe on and lots of review from customer who have patronized Tim's place.

Chalkboard Menu.For their “Today’s Special”.

Garlic Bread.Very tasty, crispy and pungent of garlic and butter. Yum yum!

Order a main course and add S$2.80 for a soup of the day, coffee or tea and a dessert of the day. I can’t recall if we need to add any amount if we were to change the soup to a different soup. But if you change the drink to a cold drink you are required to add on S$1.00 for it. They offer ice cold water on a free flow so don’t worry about dehydrating on a hot day there.

Mushroom Soup.Yes yes I am a mushroom soup addict haha. Their mushroom soup is another to die for. They don’t use those can types and add in mushroom bits. It is made out of pure mushroom. You can taste it!

Chicken Salad.First time I ate their Salad. Was nothing to shout about but the portion is huge. Look at the amount of chicken on this plate!

Lamb Chop and Sausage.They gave German Sausage with cheese in it. That for S$15.00, yummy yummy! The Lamb chop is of course delicious. Though I just remembered there was no mint sauce to go with it. But it already has black pepper sauce on it (you can request to put the sauce separately). Served with potato wedges, and boiled vegetables on top of a mountain of onions.

Tenderloin Beef Steak.Oh this is my favorite! Each time I go over there, this is definitely for me! See I told it is Moo Heaven… to me – Where I get beef, to the poor cows – They go to Heaven (sorry to all vegetarians and non-beef eater out there). Served with baked potato and boiled vegetables on top of a lot of onions. This one if I remember correctly cost S$20.00. If they have Grass Fed Young Calf Tenderloin, make sure to order that. The meat is really really really very sweet (sorry poor youngling)

Medium Raw (Sorry Ayie).(The picture is blur arrgghh! I must have been too hungry and busy wiping my drool away) Their medium raw comes medium raw on a hot plate. Of course their hot plate isn’t all sizzling but still a hot plate and it comes the way you want it, not order medium raw and comes out medium or raw.

Dessert – Banana Cake.Deliciously banana-ish! Except it was slightly dry to me, but overall the banana cake is yummy. I love the whole banana taste.

Tea Black.Well, what can I say to this? Slowly sip it while you let the meal digest.

So I miss their beef now. I want to go there again haha. Guess I will and this time bring my family along too during my R.O.M. I believe the total of the bill came up to S$50.00+, ha I forgot! Next time I should take a picture of the bill too yea? If that total amount is correct, it is cheap for Singaporeans but it was expensive to me. That is like RM119.00! Then again, for two people it doesn’t seem so bad. It goes for about the same price here for such a meal.
Here we go, my beef session!

Next – Dessert at night (looks like dessert frenzy for me haha).


Bengbeng said...

ur blog is like a food directory. it sounds so affordable for a place like Singapore. Defninitely worth trying out next time I am there

Anonymous said...

The salads' quite a huge serving huh? The steak looks abit rare.

I wonder what Nepalese cuisine is like...never been to one before.

foongpc said...

Wow! So much delicious food! I think I will love the lamb chop and sausage and the beef steak. Even the banana cake looks appetizing. Drooling...

ladyviral said...

BengBeng : hahaha. No, but I guess I do eat alot xD. So eventually that is what I blog of the most.

Yes do give this place a try.. it is very recommended!

ladyviral said...

Mei Teng : Yea it was though Thank God it was only much vege and slices of chicken. Shared the salad with my fiance. First time I ever ate so full at Tim's haha.

The beef is medium raw. It is meant to look like that and with blood seeping out when you cut it. I like it that way eventually. Like a vampire :P.

I never tried Nepalese food myself, maybe I should try one day. But at Tim's their western is much more recommended it seems (base on what I am told and the reviews in

ladyviral said...

foongpc : You can stop licking your computer screen now. :P

Ah yes the food is yummy! If you get the chance, be sure to go there and try. If you go there and get their Bread Pudding dessert for the day specials, oooh you're lucky... I ate that before. And yummy!

Ayie said...

ahahah i'm a special mention! yeah, i can't eat that. I can imagine you chomping so deliciously when I look at you with such neglecting gesture. I bet you'll be laughing out loud seeing my expression.

The foods look yummy so as the dessert. i love the pattern on the top part. And tea, very nice to have after such dish.

Btw, aren't you supposed to be on diet as you near the wedding date?

ladyviral said...

Ayie : haha, yea you are.. it is stuck in my head that you don't take raw bloody meats :P.

Oh yes I was... sorry to say but the raw meat taste so juicy and sweet.. yum yum! You probably give that "Ergh" expression? :P

Yep it does! If you have a chance you have to go over there :).

Eep! Diet... Well,
1) Yes I am supposed to be hehehehe~
2) This happened in early June! So I am still free to do that diet now.
3) T_T I am still not making much result for a diet...

Pete said...

The lamb and German sausage looks good. They are my favourite!

ladyviral said...

Pete : ooooh yes they do look good! But I still love my beef! :D

xin said...

yummm!!!! looks really yummy and the price is good too! gosh. i feel like want to go there now.

ladyviral said...

xin : Yea it is! Makes me wanna have it now too! hahaha. If you go Singapore make sure to go over~

molly said...

Cannot eat beef so lamb chop is my choice if I go for western food.

Ayie said...

hey, I'm making cheesesteak sandwiches for dinner and it's not gonna be bloody meat! ahahaha

happy weekend!

ladyviral said...

Molly : Oh. Why not? Kwan Yin? Sorry for featuring the moo moo so much.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Oooh Cheesesteak sandwich... I want a share! :P Take a picture for me to see haha. Yum yum! Thinking about it makes me hungry.

Happy Weekend to you too!

Ayie said...

I took picture! I almost forgot but it's something I haven't done before so it's a must to take picture =)

foongpc said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Must note this down in case I go there in future! : )

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful place and so well decorated food..Thanks for sharing..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, their customer service is good as they always asking for feedback. They treated customer like hotel guests.
Hope all the food outlets can have this type of good service.
For chinese girl who always speack mandarin to customers, I believe that they think customers all can speak mandarin. I think it is good to teach them basic english so as to provide better service and customers will come back again.
Interesting post, have the nice day.

Brian Kinney said...

this is delicious!

lamb chop looks so mouth watering.

i prefer a medium-well steak and my favorite part is rib eye ;)

medium-rare is a bit red which i can't afford to eat hehe.

well-done is too hard.

and of course rare is too red! :D i feel like a cannibal :P

ladyviral said...

Ayie : oooh Ic an't wait to see them :D.

ladyviral said...

foongpc : oh yes a must when you go there! I think this is the best recommendation I ever made haha.

ladyviral said...

Unseen Rajasthan : Yes it is... The food looks so good, I want more :P.

ladyviral said...

coolingstar9 : The think she knows how to speak english of course not fluent type but each time she sees it is a chinese customer, she will speak mandarin. Not every Chinese knows Mandarin now a days. People like me ^^;

ladyviral said...

Brian Kinney : I never really taken rib-eye before.. always tenderloin or sirloin and I always prefer is medium rare because I love the beefy taste that is still strong when it isn't fully cook.
That or it is the blood I love... I don't know maybe just a vampire in diguise? :P

Life Ramblings said...

the food looks absolutely delectable but i can't take beef due to religious purposes. :(

Life Ramblings said...

congrats to you ladyviral for being my FC today. i'll put up your avatar in my recent post. happy Monday!

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : Oh looks like I need to say sorry to a lot of people for beef posting. But the Lamb chop looks good and it was delicious too! So surely you can have that right? :D

Oh I am FC in your blog! Whoppee! Thanks a lot! First time being FC ^-^.

Ayie said...

haha it might take a while coz I have lots of dishes in line =)

ladyviral said...

Ayie : No worries... I will wait ^-^.