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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flight to Singapore

I am here to blog about the night I am supposed to fly to Singapore on 30th April 2009, Thursday.

My cab arrived at 8:30pm sharp as time booked. I always love the cab driver; he is punctual and drives very safely. I always call him when I and travelling by flight. He is even my ride home from the airport if he is around the area during the time I arrive. He is an elderly uncle, Islam and a very trustable person. Drives very smoothly and it takes me approximately 30mins to arrive LCCT (other cabs takes 45mins or more).

Arriving at LCCT at 9:00pm; time to check-in. Flight is at 10:55pm; only about 1 hour plus to spend in LCCT should go by fast. To my horror upon reaching the counter, they have a piece of paper there that announces the flight have been delayed to 11:10pm and did not even inform passengers (I flew with Tiger Airways by the way). I asked them why don’t they inform passengers in order not to have passengers coming over here and wait for hours; this guy from KLAS said “Oh we don’t inform passengers. Anyway, they want us to close the check-in counter early”. Eh so they expect their passengers to sit there aimlessly for hours. So what is a person alone in LCCT where there is not much entertainment do?

Lugging my luggage and my handbag with me, I went to the café (I forgot its name) before checking-in. The place is nicely decorated. I love the lights. Hoping to past some time with a hot drink and the story book I brought along with me. I ordered a hot cup of Milo. Thinking the café outside would be nicer to give a glass mug instead of paper cup, I was wrong. They poured xtremely HOT Milo into a Polystyrene cup. So much for healthiness, take your pick to die from Swine Flu or Melting Chemical of a Polystyrene cup in your system? I chose the chemical thingy. Swine Flu is more deadly lol. The small cup of Milo cost RM4! In what living daylight robbery?! RM4 and here I thought it would at least taste you know maybe “kau”. But the Milo was bland and I could taste chlorine taste in it.

For RM4 of Chlorine Milo flavored water, I decided to spend some time there. My story book “Hornet’s Nest” by Patricia Cornwell will be my companion for 3 hours.

Sitting there less than 30mins, I got bored and hot. So I decided to go in and check out the newly renovated terminal. They have decided to make the passport counter upstairs and make you go up and then down to the terminal gate. They got Dunkin Donuts upstairs but because it was still a very area and filled with dust, I decided to go against sitting there. So down I go.

I saw this café, very beautiful ambience, very warm coloring; looks like a place to spend time and since it was right in front of the terminal gates, won’t be worried if the announcement of boarding time came on.

Café Espresso was the place’s name; going in I look for a table with comfy seats to be at and I noticed the seats are dirty with crumbs and table was sticky with sugary drinks. Choosing the cleanness table and seat, I placed my luggage and went to get a mineral water.

Clockwise: Tonnes of crumbs on the Carpet, Crumbs on the Seat, Sticky table, Flies everywhere

At 9:45pm with the mineral water that cost RM3.90, and my book I sat there trying to read with my mp3 playing in my ears. But I got distracted, by the dirty carpet, dirty seat, dirty table and the flies around the place that was buzzing in front of me.

Yet at the same time, I also notice their workers being very free and walking around chit-chatting, a few of them even managed to spare about like 20mins sitting at one of the tables talking and laughing away. So if they have that time to do that, why not spend some time cleaning up the place?

At about 11:00pm, I got tired of the flies buzzing around me and the place is giving me a headache because it has gotten more people and the place got warmer than before. I walked out and saw a Heritage Shop right beside it. Going in to check out the place, wow the items there are lovely and pricey too. Tourist price huh? But I have to admit the stuffs they have are lovely especially the batiks.

The terminal gates area has expanded a lot! And it is now colder than before too with gates up 16 if I remember correctly.

So I sat there for about 11:30pm and the boarding sign finally came on. So much for the so called delayed to 11:10pm lol. People rushed to queue like there is no tomorrow. The scene was horrendous with people all rushing to queue and forcing their way through to be the earliest to board the plane. The sad part is the boarding sign came on at 11:30pm but all those people practically stood in the queue for about 20-30mins because we only managed to board the plane at about 12midnight.

It was really long night for me and my fiancé because he waited at the Singapore airport for how long I waited at my but at least he got a notebook to watch anime on. If the airline would inform passengers of the delay, I would have been home watching tv instead of spending RM7.90 on a lousy miniature Milo, and a Mineral water that actually cost RM1.50 max.

Alright, next blog would be 1st May 2009 of Ala-carte Sushi Buffet.


David said...

HAHA.. whatever the story was, i just interested on the ACTION scenes. d@MN nice!! hahas! clicked on ur ads anyway! hahas

Bengbeng said...

poor you. it mus have been a terrible wait for u. n i expected for the price they set for their drinks at least they would keep the place clean n serve decent drinks

ladyviral said...

BengBeng : Yea it was. I was bored to death and not like the environment was all perfect for the waits. Yes I agree with you, for that kind of price, they can't keep the place decent. How upsetting.

panda said...

yea lo...eating/drinking at airports can make u damn pokai wan.... :'(

thanks for dropping by my blog. i clicked ur ad btw.... :)

foongpc said...

I thought AirAsia is notorious for delayed flights? Tiger Airways also like that?

Haha! I think I will rather be poisoned by the melting polystyrene cup than get infected with swine flu. Cos normally it takes time and lots of poisoning before you see the effects!

What is Dunking Donuts doing there? They make such lousy donuts! Should have a J Co or Krispy Kreme there! LOL!

Why do people still need to rush to queue up? You mean you don't have numbered seats in the plane?

Actually, I noticed people still rush to queue up when boarding AirAsia planes even though it's all numbered seats now. Why do these people still need to rush to queue?

ladyviral said...

panda : Yea it can! And with their famous delays people tend to end up with buying more drinks. o_o maybe that is their plan! Oooh your blogger profile does not exist. And I don't recall seeing panda blog before xD sorry.

foongpc : This is the first time TigerAirways got this problem. Or second, my fiance got into one too in Feb 2009. Yes hence why I chose to drink the Milo in the end lol. Oh yea they should put J & Co. I never tried Kirspy Kreme yet though. Numbered seats need extra money. SO I guess alot of people still don't choose seats. That or rushing queue to get their luggage in the comparment nearest to exit lol. I have notice one that sits quite far back came all the way to the front to get his luggage when the plane came to a halt. To exit early?