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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stupidity Hit Me

The past few days’ weather has been going up and down a lot. It can be hot suddenly, and then rain suddenly. It took me about a week plus to recover from my sickness. Still having coughs now, thank God my fever never return meaning it was just a really mean viral that kept me sick longer than usual. My mom is still sick though, she is still coughing very badly, and purging too. But luckily her appetite is picking up again. So she is eating more now again.

My colleague is sick again. So he claims and is sleeping during working hours yet no one bothers. Even after numerous times of telling him that he is not allowed to sleep during office hours is no use because he is protected by a strong backbone of the management. Teacher’s pet lah~. I made a slight fuss about it just now… Come to think of it, I did a very stupid thing. Should have just ignored it like usual instead of bringing problems to myself. Gosh okay it was really stupid. Me and my big mouth huh?

I don’t understand how the management here can make it so obvious on being bias to certain employees. Why the unfair treatment? Sighs… I really want to get out of this place. I really do not want to be here any longer to be a punching bag or scape goat. I am tired of seeing the unfair treatment and keeping mum about it like everyone else. I know other places would probably have the same too, but this is outrageous! Making it ever so obvious, and yet I the HR is the one who get called not doing the work when I can’t! Given the position but not the authority; I even got lectured for raising my voice at the staffs because I was lecturing them over some things that they won’t listen. I can’t raise my voice… oh okay fine. I have no right to tell them what to do… oh okay fine. I have no authority to question them… oh okay fine. Then why call me HR? Then why insist that I check their attendance? Even when I told the boss, I got no authority to question them of their whereabouts, and they do not report to me… he merely changed topic. How obvious is that?! I am tired… make me the scape goat I don’t care… but don’t make it so obvious.
What am I to do? What am I to say? Can someone advise me?

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